TR vs. Ride W/ GPS vs. Strava power inconsistency - which one is ‘right”?

hi folks - I’ve searched the forum and the interwebs and could use some help, please!

I ride 2018 Trek Domane SLR w/ Stages Gen 1 L/R power meter. I recorded outside ride yesterday with the Ride with GPS app on my iphone. I have RWGPS set to sync to Strava and TR to read Strava.

Yesterday’s scheduled ride was 90 minutes at 99 watts. Watching the phone, i was pretty consistent at or above 99W. RWGPS has avg at 94, Strava at 84 and TR road at 42. Had dead legs yesterday, but I know i was pushing more than 42W. See screenshot showing TR calculating that i was coasting for 58% of the ride. 1

I have a century back in Ohio in early August and I’m concerned that TR is going to program my training inaccurately based on these inconsistencies.

Any troubleshooting help would be awesome, thanks!

After reading more and more, particularly this link: TSS, IF, and Workout Levels: 3 Metrics to Help You Understand Your Training And Get Faster - TrainerRoad Blog, i think i have an answer for myself.

here it is:

“Well John, TR uses Normalized Power anyway… so it doesn’t matter. Shut up and ride.”

“Excellent point, John … thank you”


42 is exactly 1//2 of strava’s 84…some setting with dual sided power meter somewhere…


Something wrong, those average powers should be the same or within a watt or two. Send TR support an email.

I have my outdoor rides recorderd via my bolt and stages pm go to TR, Strava and RWGPS. The RWGPS watts are ALWAYS way higher than the other three


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similar, but Garmin and it sends everywhere. The average/normalized pretty much match everywhere, except RWGPS.

I’m only using RWGPS to create routes, just pulled up some recent rides.

RWGPS average power (Avg. Watts) is wrong on every ride.

RWPGS ‘WR Power’ is normalized power, and that appears to match the normalized power of the ride.


Would reccomend getting a cycling specific computer to record the rides from so that one unit could then push to each app independently. Rather then chain effect you seem to be running can end up with a bit of the old telephone game happening since they also are recording off slightly different data sets refernce points in each app.

Huh? I use an elemnt bolt as i stated. Cant get more default cycling gps head unit than that :wink:


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I did that before getting a power meter, and a couple times after (double century). Seemed to work fine.

One issue I’m seeing is that RWGPS average power calculation is not correct for all of my recent rides.

Lets assume the RWGPS recording is correct. Strava calculates 84W average power. Assume that is correct.

For some reason TR is at 42W. That appears to be a TR problem, and why I suggested sending an email to TR support.

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@johnnyhabs if you open a ride in RWGPS, and then go to Classic Mode;

then the correct Average Power is displayed in parentheses:


Average Power for that ride was 180W, and normalized power was 192W.

I can’t find a setting to correctly show average power, other than to bring up Classic Mode and view it in parentheses.

@johnnyhabs RWGPS is just fine to record outside rides. Unless it thinks your Stages gen1 is single sided. Assuming RWGPS is setup correctly, then for some reason TR is only showing one-sided power. Definitely send an email to TR support to straighten it out.

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Maybe one is counting zero and the other not?

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