Major wattage discrepency between head unit and TR. What the heck!

So I went for a 12-minute power PR on a local climb, and I noticed a major wattage discrepency between HammerHead head unit and what TR (and Strava) calculated. This is worrisome because I ride with power and presume the numbers on my head unit are legit. But then Why does TR calculate my data differently?

HammerHead Unit: 308w avg (new PR! wow I am awesome!)
TR/Strava: 286w avg (wow, what the hell is wrong with me!)

So the TR “personal records” gives me 286w, that’s a 22w discrepency. If I can’t follow what my head unit is giving me becuase TR/STrava will download differently, then what do I do???

(yes I calibrated)

Only thing comes to my mind if you include coasting into average calculation or not? Head units has a setting that you can exclude zeros from the average but strava includes them. If you went up and then came back by not putting any power, this should be the answer

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Strava just estimates power unless you specially push the workout from your head unit which is connected to a power meter. It sounds like you just synch Strava and TR and don’t push you ride data from your Hammerhead? If so, the HH data is your actual power data from your head unit. And the Strava data is just an estimate.

I always push my data from my HH to Strava which then synchs with TR. And the data is the always the same.

If that’s not the issue, check with TR support. They should be able to look and sort it out.