Unimportant question - TR workouts on the Strava mobile app

Hey everyone,

I have a totally unimportant question: why do some TR workouts display Weighted Average Power when scrolling through activities on the Strava mobile app and others do not? My TR workouts just show Distance and Time, while other people I follow on Strava show Distance, Time and Weighted Average Power (and some HR).

This is kind of a “who cares?” question, as Weighted Average Power can still be on seen on the Strava App within the workout.


Click on the title of the workout and you will see everything like you see on others…

I do get that, but I’m really just wondering why there would be a difference to begin with. Thanks!

seemingly so random… I see some free users with just distance/time (myself included), but another free user with distance/time/work. And lately Nate’s (premium user) has distance/time/power. Maybe the difference between paid and free accounts? I don’t know.

Ugh… trying to figure this out as well. Shows on my GF’s strava but not mine. She prefers not to have hers show, people can be very judgy…

This issue should be fixed in the next few weeks with the next update by Strava. I’ve been onto them for a while about this as it’s quite inconsistent across different users. Instead of average power I have calories show up, which I couldn’t care less about.

This issue has finally been fixed! A small detail, but it’s nice to now see the average power on the main screen. :+1:t2:

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