Help with activity type for imports from strava

Hey there,
Not sure if this is the best place to ask or if I should submit a support ticket but…

I carry my wahoo elemnt with me when I go running to record (I don’t have a gps watch). This automatically syncs to strava as a bike ride, so I manually change it to a run in strava and change the title accordingly (e.g. Morning Ride → Morning Run).

I’m having issues with the sync to TrainerRoad. The activites always show up as a ride and I haven’t found a way to change it to a run manually. When I go to manually change it from a ride to run on strava, the updated title syncs to trainerroad but the updated activity type doesn’t. Is this a bug or simply a feature that doesn’t exist on TR? Is there any way to get these activities to show up as a run on TR?

TR doesn’t show runs. Perhaps in the future but it is not currently supported.

Good to know, thanks. Is it a bad idea to keep importing them as bike rides? Im not sure how different the TSS calculation is between running and biking, but based on how I feel afterwards the TSS estimates (based on my running HR) seem reasonable.

YES I wouldn’t associate your run activities with TR bike workouts, especially if you’re using Adaptive Training.
We are actively working on supporting run integration for the future. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for the tip - looking forward to run integration in the future.

I am using adaptive training so I’ll stop syncing my runs from strava. I’ll keep planning my runs in the calendar as actual runs though, which I assume is helpful for adaptive training to know.

May be ActivityFix could help? I use it to set the right equipment automatically based on sensors used. But I see a lot of other rules are possible.

Interesting, I haven’t heard of that before but I will definitely look into it. Would definitely be useful once trainerroad supports runs. Thanks!