Strava sync: Include workout description when sync'ing

Hi TR crew,
Can the workout description be automatically added to Strava description when synchronising?

When scrolling my Strava feed I see friends TR workouts, but most of the time I am unfamiliar with the workout by title and can’t workout from the image the workout type, % intensity or duration of the intervals. Sometimes I open TR app and search for the workout just to read the description. Be great to get an understanding of the TR workout from the description in Strava.

I usually cut and paste the description manually, with workout type, from the workout into Strava after the sync, but once the workout has uploaded from TR, in TR you need to click more buttons to get to the workout description. I do this all while thinking “surely this can be done automatically!?!”

Thanks for considering my request.

Apologies if this has been requested before. I did a search first, I swear.


I second his request

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I used to update the title of my ride so I could see it at a glance but the maintenance was a headache.

Thanks for the suggestion. There may be some limitations with the descriptions we can push to Strava so may be out of our hands, but I’ll check with the team!


+1. Can this include TrainingPeaks as well?? Thanks @IvyAudrain

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Just searched for this, it would be a nice little addition if possible.