Short and long it science or?

I’ve been using TR since 2013, I’ve seen a lot of positive changes and I have seen things that haven’t changed but need to in my opinion. This week I had Ericsson and Carson on the schedule. Both have one minute cool downs at the end of the workout. I know you can add more cool down time but shouldn’t the workout include a proper cool down? If TR wants you to get the most out of the software, shouldn’t they include the proper cool down to encourage proper recovery instead of leaving up to the discretion of the user? Both workouts have sort of a longer rest interval after the warm up, why not shift a few minutes to the cool down? I know they probably do it to make it fit into 1 hour or 1:30 slot for search function reasons etc. On the flip side of that coin, yesterday I had Tunemeh, it had an extremely long (15 min) 60% FTP interval after the warm up and then a 10 minute cool down all in a 90 minute workout, it seems that workout could be a 75 minute workout and have the the same effect. It seems there a few workouts that could be revised to remove “dead” time and add a few minutes of cool down that would benefit users.

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I think (i.e. no proof) that it was originally to do with each workout being a defined length for search purposes. There are options on the workout page to filter for 1hr, 1hr15mins etc. So having a workout that’s 1hr5mins long would be missed. I suppose the database could be modified to have a “nominal” workout duration and the filter act on that rather than the actual duration.

I agree that the warm up and cool down durations appear to vary to keep the overall workout duration at a certain length (i.e. 1 hour, 1:30, etc).

I need about 15 minutes to warm up and about 5 minutes to cool down. I also don’t like recovering between intervals way down at 40%, so I modify every workout to include a 15-minute warm up (3-minute steps from 55-75%), recoveries around 65% (if longer than 2 minutes), and a 5-minute cool down ramp from 65-45%. See below for examples.

I think it is very individualistic. I have never really needed much of a warm up and often prefer a very short warm up ie 5 minutes or so. As long as I feel loose and have been up for an hour I am good to go. I have been like this all my life. 60 now and still dont find a need for a 15 minute warmup.

Cooldowns vary but some of these workouts that have a 2 minute cooldown which might as well be just get off the bike.

Whatever the current implementation is already does this:

I’d be surprised if the workouts were designed to match the filters, since client-side search seems like it would be easier to change than the structure of a workout and its backend schema. A big part of TR’s marketing is consistency for the time-crunched athlete, so I’d guess they try to keep workouts to an hour, or whatever the time bucket is, for consistency, and arrange intervals inside those buckets in whatever way makes the most sense.

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Cooldowns definitely have great advantages and if you don’t feel like the workout’s cooldown is sufficient, you can always extend it using the workout feature.
TrainerRoad actually talked about cooldowns in depth in the #129 of the #podcast, I suggest you give it a listen - 65:00 onwards.

This! Agreed!!