Strava Sync for Non-Cycling Workouts - Rowing

New to TR. I use a rowing erg machine in addition to cycling. The Concept2 rowing machine uploads full data to Strava and Garmin which then also syncs with Training Peaks. The FIT files include HR, TSS, etc. I want these to also go to TR for TSS tracking, etc. Should I be expecting this to work?

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Not at this time. Only cycling workouts are pulled into TR. They have discussed getting run and swim workouts for Triathlon use in the future. I’ve not sure I’ve seen anything related to rowing mentioned.

Would love this feature too. For now, I just manually add into the calendar as “Other.” Sure would be nice to at least have rowing and skiing as options in the manual entries.

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Seth, another option is to also pair your PM5 to TR and then TR will record your meters into the system (but will think it’s bike work). Youd want to delete from Strava if you also have Ergdata telling the same thing to Strava.

To do this, you’ll need one device for the Ergdata connection and a separate device for the TR connection. You’d also need a way to bridge between the PM5 and TR because it’s not as seamless as with Ergdata. I use this device.

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Interesting. I’ve read about people linking their PM5 to Zwift, and I always wondered how they did that. I imagine that on Zwift it must be a strange sensation to see the bike but be rowing…

Just to ask, you still use the ErgData app and then ALSO use that dongle to send signal to another device running TR? This is simultaneous?

It’s a real downside to TR (as a new user) to be limited to only cycling data in training. Yeah, I can hold it all in TrainingPeak, which I will have to do, but I wouldn’t have guessed that TR is so tight on the data integration side. A bit disappointed with that aspect (but I’m still on the trail period!).

Many thanks.