TrainerRoad with Concept2 Rower

I’ve seen several of you mention that you have (or have attempted) to use TrainerRoad with your Concept2 rower. How successful have you been? Any tips?

I have not attempted yet but I do have a Bluetooth adapter plugged into my laptop (source of TR). Should also be able to connect to my phone.

Did you do a new FTP test to figure out what it would be while rowing? What types of workouts do you do? I mainly use the rower during the winter, to stay in shape but when I’m “over” cycling for a while, or before I started my off-season TR training plan!


Hi. I am a rower and exclusively follow TrainerRoad programming on my C2 erg. I have been through one complete Sweet Pot LV Base/LV Build/40KTT Specialty cycle and have seen great results. I follow the program as written, using the watts screen on the erg.

The key is figuring out how to get TR speaking with the C2. This is what works in iOS. I’m not sure about android. You need to have a PM5 monitor for starters. Then you have 2 options. (1) You can use the PainSled app (in Zwift mode) to connect an iOS phone via Bluetooth, and then you connect the TR App ON A SECOND iOS device to the PainSled app. The obvious drawback is the need for two devices. (2) connect your erg to a CABLE () and then connect the TR app to the CABLE. ( CABLE is a Bluetooth/ANT device that is, confusingly, not a cable at all. You can find it here:

But even without this rigamarole, you can use TR without the connection. Just set up the TR programming and follow along. You won’t capture your workout or have the post-workout analytics, but you can get the workout done. It’s kindof like streaming versus download. For the first half of my time with TR, this is how I did my workouts. If you’re doing it this way, you will need to manually calculate your FTP after the ramp test. Remember the watts of your highest minute and then multiply by .75.


I also use TR workouts on my SkiErg on non-rowing days, and this seems the way you’d use the rower on non-cycling days. I’d recommend you do a separate ramp test on the erg just to get an FTP to use for your rowing workouts. It will almost certainly be different from your cycling FTP. My SkiErg FTP is different from my rowing erg FTP. I just manually adjust the FTP in Account when I switch to SkiErg and then adjust back when I’m doing rowing erg.

As for selecting workouts, I mainly do endurance sessions on my SkiErg: Birch, Homer’s Nose, and Black. I sometimes do these on my rowing erg as a supplement to the low-volume days.

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