Alternative Workouts on Calendar

Just a thought… TR grabs my workouts automatically from my Garmin uploads. Even my unscheduled outdoor rides, like last night hitting the local MTB trails. That is awesome.

It would be nice if it also grabbed my cross-training workouts. Rowing, Stairclimbing, Running. I know these probably shouldn’t inform the Adaptive logic (or maybe eventually the TRIMP/Stress could be taken into account). But even if those don’t do anything in terms of adjusting the TR plan, it would be nice to see those efforts on the Calendar. Just as headlights into the training done during the week… Maybe even shaded with a different color to indicate these are just informational blocks, not influencing TR.


Enjoy reading through the 3+ year old thread here: Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)


Yup, that and another one just added yesterday asking for more options.

I will merge this with one of those once I my PC.

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