Strava Ride Sync

Now that Strava decided to throw a wrench in their platform, how does this affect Ride Sync from Strava to TR for outside rides?

As far as I know it affects very little so your rides will still sync and you can check more or less everything as before apart from being able to see if you 76th on a certain strava segment.

I wonder if there is any chance that syncing with will get added. Even though this round of feature removals doesn’t affect syncing, Strava is becoming less attractive as a service I want to depend on.


I wish Garmin connect would push 3rd party uploads.

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If you just want a place to keep your ride data then I think Dropbox is pretty solid. At the moment I have TrainerRoad (for indoor) and WahooFitness (for outdoor) syncing to Dropbox to cover all of my rides.

The changes made to Strava’s pay structure will not effect Ride Sync with TrainerRoad in any way :+1:


If strava have cancelled / given notice to all the companies using their APIs, will this impact strava to TR integration?

Agree with this. My Strava usage consists of being able to see where my friends have ridden and that’s it at this point. Strava’s lack of response in bug fixes and feature requests (or even responding to feature requests) is what got me to terminate my paid membership after three or four years and give the money to the RWGPS crew instead. Now, to sync with Strava, I’m actually going through RWGPS first (handy, that feature of RWGPS). I would love it if TR would sync with the crew from Portland.

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