Sync trainerroad to RWGPS?

Anyone know if it is possible to sync workouts from trainerroad to ridewithGPS?
Thanks in advance?

Cheers Em

No. I got tired of exporting from TR and importing into RWGPS, so now I don’t bother with it.

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It is not possible to auto-export directly to RidewithGPS at the moment.

For many apps, you can use Strava as a syncing middleman, meaning that TR exports to Strava and Strava exports to the app of your choosing. However, based on the documentation I could find on RidewithGPS sync, it appears that it only has a one-way syncing relationship with Strava.

Based on the wording, it seems that Strava rides to not push to RidewithGPS; it only works the other direction.

What this means is that the only way to get your TR rides into RidewithGPS is to export the workout file and manually import that workout file into the RidewithGPS app.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution for you at this time.

Thank you for your response.
Hopefully in the future, it will be possible =)


Cheers for the response. Yeah I guess so.

I dual record workouts using both the TrainerRoad app and also my Garmin 530. Therefore the workouts sync to RWGPS however you can’t see anything. It appears you need to be a Premium subscriber:

with a free RWGPS you only see this:

and if I click edit then I can see the workout and scroll it:

however by default you won’t see anything without a premium account.

I’d like to see syncing to/from ridewithgps, as I’d like to have a strava alternative for syncing and collecting all my data.

From their ‘backups’ page, here is what they say about your data:

We value your ride data and believe that your riding history is yours to keep. Backups make it easy to download your entire history so you can import it into other software, or just for peace of mind.

Our backups are zip files that contain one file for each of your activities, with a maximum of 100 activities per zip file. It can take a few minutes to generate this backup. This page will show the status, and once complete, contain a link to your backup. Please note that only your track data will be included – photos, descriptions, annotations, and comments are not included in this backup.

There are no restrictions on backups for our Basic users. Due to the extra load on our servers this creates, Starter users are limited to one backup per month.

With a premium account, here is what I see when I upload a ride recorded by TR:

RideWithGPS shows nothing for TR workouts if you are free user:

Clicking one of those will briefly show power graph and then it disappears and turns into an Upgrade Now ad.

FWIW my backup strategy has and continues to be:

  • Garmin Connect free account and syncing to TrainingPeaks (free)
  • TrainerRoad syncing to TrainingPeaks (free)
  • TrainerRoad syncing to Dropbox and copying all my Garmin files to this same folder

First isn’t an option for Wahoo users.

TrainingPeaks makes it really easy to download your history, believe I have one zip file for each year. All workouts including spin classes captured using Wahoo app (HR only, HR+cadence, power+HR) and even a short time while using Cyclemeter app on my phone. Plus hikes and swims, and metrics like weight.

Dropbox should be free and easy to setup with TrainerRoad:

Dropbox is free unless you’ve already got an account with a lot of other data in it.

Thanks - I will take another look at the free trainingpeaks. Being able to get a download of everything back out is a key feature. This download of history is the main thing missing from Trainerroad that keeps me from using it as the central store. If there was an easy way to get everything out if I decide to end my subscription I would probably just do that.
Main sources of data are Garmin 530, Wahoo Elemnt, and TR on a PC, so I think trainingpeaks is likely the service that will work with all of them.

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Yes I have TP zip files going back to 2014, and looking in the unzipped folders even seeing old Runkeeper files from my walking days :smiley: Last export was Nov 2019 and using free account.

I’ve had some luck with using Fitness Syncer (
Basically, create an Activity Source of Strava, and then a destination task of RWGPS, and it should sync everything across.

They offer a free service for limited amount of tasks, and then a monthly/annual subscription that isn’t that expensive ($3.99/mo // $39.99/yr).