Strava random loops

Just started using Strava and each time I use it I get a random loop to a place I never went to. It’s always a straight line and doesn’t follow any roads. Can anyone tell me why and how to stop it.

How are you recording your ride?

Years ago I got GPS issues when recording directly from my phone as it was in a power saving mode.

I use my phone with battery saver off.

I’m also wondering if the loop is added to the distance giving me a false average?

How far off of your route are these loops? Is it not tracking well and it’s off by 100yards or is it totally wrong and off by like a mile?

If the former it could just lose GPS temporarily because of what you carry it in, heavy trees, tall buildings, a tunnel, etc. and then struggle to find it again.

It’s about 2/3rds of a mile. It’s only happens somewhere I’ve stopped so buildings etc sound about right.

If you are using an android device, turn off battery optimisation for Strava and also lock it in the recent apps list. Android likes to kill things or put them on hold to save battery.

Make sure Strava is allowed to run in the background as well but tall buildings can cause issues with GPS especially if you’re riding very close to them.

My GPS on my watch has given me some comically inaccurate routes. Teleportation, riding on water, straight down cliffs, you name it. My strava feed makes me look like a superhero.