Strava mileage zero?

First off, I get it. When on a trainer we don’t go any real distance. That said my hour long trainer workouts have always been in line (distance wise on strava) with the distance I go in an hour outdoors.

Today I noticed that last weeks rides show zero miles on strava? Is this a new thing? I don’t use that to track fitness, it’s more just something fun to see how many “miles” I am getting in a week. I’m curious if this was a glitch, or if trainer workouts will no longer show miles on strava, garmin, etc.?


P.S. I’m on a KK road machine dumb trainer with garmin power pedals. If that matters.

  • Yes, it absolutely matters. Have you made ANY changes to your setup?

  • A pure power meter only connection to TR will not produce any mileage. There is no conversion or calculation for power to speed / distance at present.

  • The only way that TR will give a speed / distance value is if you have paired a speed sensor. That can be a simple speed sensor used along with your trainer, or like the speed data produced by common smart trainers.

I am guessing you either didn’t pair a speed sensor recently, and that is the reason for no distance recorded. That could be due to missing it in the Devices setup as a result of app updates, or possibly a dead battery in the speed sensor. Check that first and let us know if that’s not the case.



My ipad died last week so I had to use my phone while it’s being fixed. I bet the speed sensor isn’t paired. I totally forgot about that part. Thanks Chad!

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