Outdoor ride distance in TR differs from Strava

Hi All,
I noticed that the outdoor ride I did today didn’t got completely transfered from Strava to TR. The first and last couple hundred meters were cut off. Almost like the Strava privacy zone blocked the first and the last section of the ride. It did not happen with any other outdoor rides before and I did not change any settings on Strava. Does anyone have similar issues?

Hi there! I took a look at your ride and it looks like the TR version is 56.58 miles (91.05km) while your ride on Strava is 57.66 miles (92.79km). I was also able to look at your Strava ride and see that the start/finish is another 1/2 mile (roughly a few hundred meters) south of the one uploaded to TR. Do you have an active privacy zone on Strava? Is it supposed to be where your Strava ride starts and finishes? It seems like Strava may not be respecting your privacy zone, even though when the ride got exported to TR we had it clipped off.

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Hi, thanks for looking into it! In fact I had a privacy zone active when I uploaded the ride which fits the cut-off. I then removed it to see if anything would change. What is odd is that I had the privacy zone active before to the ride and it never clipped of the privacy zone in prior rides (for example see the ride on February 23). So you’re saying that clipped of privacy zones are normal when exporting to TR?

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That’s my experience

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I have this happening to my outdoor rides as well @larry. And I do have a privacy zone set in Strava which explains it.

If I want my TR stats to be complete though, could I just disable Strava sync and rely solely on Garmin sync into TR? Any other down sides doing that?

I’ve done the same a few times and it works as expected on the TR end, I’ve also disabled/re-enabled my privacy zone before but Strava usually messes that up when I re-enable it.

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Like @Wayne mentioned, that could be a great workaround.


Thanks. I was more wondering though what other consequences might come by disconnecting my Strava sync? I feel like I remember there was a good reason why TR suggested many of us sync BOTH Strava and Garmin back when external sync started - I just can’t remember the details.

Hey @dbf!

As long as you have your Garmin Connect set to export to Strava, you should have no issues turning off Ride Sync for Strava within TrainerRoad. When you complete a ride, we will send the ride to GC, who will then send it to Strava.

You will lose the thumbnail of the workout that you are used to seeing from a direct export, but if this isn’t a concern for you, then this is a viable workaround :+1:

Also, at the beginning we were processing historical rides from Strava behind the scenes, so having Strava Ride Sync paired was a crucial step. Now that only new rides are syncing, it is not crucial anymore.

I hope that clears things up!