Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore

They did you a favor by making you aware that you should download to Garmin Connect first and then have GC push to Strava.


I thought I had it setup bidirectional, but apparently not. But good idea. So is Strava going to stop allowing free users to download their rides? If it is punishment, they sure have a strange way of showing they need users, especially ‘punished’ free users. But let’s see what happens on the next ride today.

I thought Zwift pushed to both…

Just checked, and it is set to push to both Strava and Connect. Hmm…

Oh it’s an inside ride and that might be different if using a service. I always just ride rollers and so it goes GC to Strava and I forgot this is different if you’re recording with zwift or TR. advice stands though for outside rides.

Yes, now that I pay attention there are too many ‘keep going!’ messages that I was ignoring. Just like ignoring my Apple Watch some mornings when it tells me I’m behind on closing rings compared to normal.

These are the only ones that catch my eye:

Well, I don’t want to tempt fate and start juggling things and have dropped rides. My wife likes to tease me that I ‘ride for others’ and am so concerned about not getting credit, but it’s feeding the data into the whole ‘How are you doing’ idea, and being able to track what I’m doing and seeing if it is helping me out-ride the reaper. I dropped most of my followers on Strava, and still can’t figure out how ‘social’ Connect is/isn’t, and really don’t care. I found I was getting miffed at followers not dispensing with the Kudos and that’s not why I ride. Or not supposed to be why I ride.

But still, back to the data. It is important, and not having it traverse the Matrix and end up in places it’s supposed to be is distressing. Thinking that MY data could be embargoed or locked by some provider is obnoxious to me, but I also realize that they likely have every right to do it. How that is possible is just astounding, but that’s ‘the future’ I guess.

It was really odd that I requested MY data from Strava, and never got an email saying it was available. I guess I can try to get it from Connect. I like the German policy that my data is MY DATA, and if I want it gone, I can, but they protect it on my behalf. Seems to change the whole relationship for the better. Whatever… So happy my wife can tease me about this… :thinking: :man_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

I mostly use Strava just to follow what my friends are doing. I mostly ride solo just because I prefer controlling my own schedule but occasionally ride with one local guy. We don’t ride together frequently so I’ll make sure to give him a Kudos in Strava just as a way to say hello without having to have an actual text discussion.


It’s likely just slow. There have been a few connection issues to/from Strava in the last weeks, it usually sorts itself after a while.

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I hope. The other choices are bad…

something interesting, because of the Fatmap takeover by Strava I saw that
was taken over too, which you can use as a Strava Premium user for free

after registration i received this information by mail:
Strava and Recover share a subscription. All Strava subscribers have automatic access to 100% of Recover’s content. Since you connected a premium Strava account, you have access to all premium features on both apps. Please let us know if you have any questions!..

Yes that became available around 8 or so weeks ago. I didn’t bother with it when i was a full subscriber back then.

p.s. im no longer a strava paid subscriber :wink:

I canceled my paid subscription. The main thing I like about it is the training info. I like looking at my fitness score. I believe that number is something akin to ctl. Am I correct in this? What are my options for this info when my paid sub lapses and I’m on the free version?


I tried the ‘Recover’ app but I got sick of it popping up with recommendations to stretch at inconvenient times. I’d rather stretch at a time I find convenient.

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My score goes up when I’m doing lots of long & frequent outdoors rides (arguably wearing me out and making me less fit) and goes down when I’m doing shorter rides and shorter trainer sessions (which are arguably making me more fit) :exploding_head: You are not missing much :+1:

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To close the loop on my post 8 days ago… My annual payment was £39.99, an amount that was unchanged since I switched from a monthly to a yearly payment scheme in June 2017. Previously, between Feb 2016, when I started my subscription to Strava, through May 2017, the monthly rate was steady at £3.99 per month.

As @dcrainmaker noted, there’s no option to change location. Further, the price adjustment seems to not have included any effort to adjust the location. I have lived in Switzerland since the summer of 2016, less than two years since I opened the Strava account, and a few months after I started paying for Strava. The former data point, where the account was opened, based on Ray’s analysis, is the only relevant data point for Strava. I’ve been paying with a Swiss credit card, so the billing of the card doesn’t matter, also as Ray noted.

Well, the adjustment came through: my annual is now £54.99.

Yup, it’s still in GBP, and figures to be about US $68 / year. This is about a buck below the new standard price for Swiss users (or perhaps “registrants”), based on the currency rates right now:

Setting aside the percentage increase, and the lack of communication around the increase, it seems like a good deal compared to US prices.


You could use actual CTL from a free trainingpeaks account.

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the so called CTL on TrainingPeaks and Strava is always different for me, so i trust more TP then Strava

Training Peaks, at least for my free account, removed Weekly CTL from the Calendar a month ago or so.


yeah, same here nothing is for free

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I saw the video, logged in and realized that I paid $89 for the upcoming year. Seems like everyone else is paying less :thinking::man_shrugging:.