Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore


Sounds like it’ll be $80-$100 a year… in the :us:.

Apparently its around a 30% increase here in the uk for a monthly subscription

This is wild. I ended up logging in to do the “Send all receipts” thing and I don’t even see that listed. Not sure why that is…

I’m kinda glad they put prices up, it made me have a look around and discover Strava Sauce which fits my needs much better and only costs £2 a month


No ive not got that option either.

I like it for telling me how many :beer: :beer: :beer: :joy:


This is what I get. Slightly different wording “Resend…” vs what Ray listed:

ETA: You must access this via a web browser, not the mobile app.

I used it and got my full record. (US based user, for reference)

I dont get anything about receipts.

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I opened the app to look at my account there is nothing available, the only option is Subscription Overview and when I click on it i get the following page

But nothing on that page is selectable

I was one of the people paying monthly - was kinda testing it out, but then also no lump sum payment (or auto renew). Anyway banked the €59.99 just in case, and because @dcrainmaker made me feel stupid. I was remembering why, but I did use the routes feature quite a lot when away, and while I prefer to build on ridewithgps, definitely easier to share routes with Strava.

Anyway, I think there may have been a further change in EU VAT rules further complicating matters?

Beyond the price increase, the way Strava are handling this is mind blowing. From Ray’s video it looks like the US is up to $79.99, which is 33% up on what I pay now. I will cancel at that price.


You need to look via a browser and not the app.


Not as stupid as I feel having signed up my wife for 5 years at the monthly rate…sigh.


You need to login through the desktop to get full access to account information. Go to ‘settings’ in the top right, and then click on ‘my account’ on the left menu.


100% this. Must be a web access, not mobile app.

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TR’s recent legacy pricing increase offer looking pretty good right about now in this Strava light of increases :fist_right:t2:


So I currently pay £3.99 a month for strava - is this going to increase or not? I feel I shouldn’t be so confused?

I’m not ready for it to more than double to £8.99?

What a publicity-dumpsterfire. Thanks for the reporting @dcrainmaker . I’ll probably swallow the 15€ increase, just because I love the feature to save a route by somebody else so quickly. But maybe not - I have until June to decide. Cheers!

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Per Ray’s article, it should increase for you at your next monthly billing. Have you checked your account info to see what it says a/o found an email?