Strange prompt when opening TR on Mac

I am taking a bit of a break from structured training and TR at the moment, but a few months back when launching the TrainerRoad app I got the following prompt on my Mac:

“TrainerRoad would like to control this computer using accessibility features. Grant access to this application in Security and Privacy preferences…”

For those of you that are more tech educated, is this anything worth being concerned about? I assume not, given it is a reputable app, but I was just taken aback by the prompt as it had never happened before upon launch and I’m not very learned on these things.

I had the same recently and wondered the same. Here’s what I found when I searched. Hope that helps.


@Pbase Thank you

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Sure, but why does TR need this access to my root? It feels a bit invasive for a training app.

I have no idea, but off the top of my head, one reason may be for the users with disabilities mentioned in that article. Purely a guess.