Strange progression level behaviour

Hey athletes :slight_smile:
I would like to point out a bug I am noticing in trainerroad progression levels. I explain myself: I use Trainerroad in combination with another platform, that’s why I often pick a TR workout and build a custom one from it.
Few days ago I made a 30 minutes VO2 workout (with a progression level of 7.1) to be prolonged to 2h20m of endurance. After the vo2 intervlas. Here a snapshot to explain better

The ride resulted in the following resume:

I believe is a very strange outcome. This is not the first time a notice something wrong when I edit a workout and prolong with an ‘‘endurance ending’’. This specific session looks the strangest one. Maybe to make the progression levels work properly I should do singularly the workouts? I wonder also if this could have an influece on the ai ftp detection…
Any Ideas? I appreciate your attention :slight_smile:

Progression Levels for custom workouts are not guaranteed to be correct or accurate. Sometimes they are good, others well off.

It’s a known issue since the beginning of Adaptive Training and remains so today. Your results are disappointing but not surprising.

AIFTPD wil still use the workout data fine, because it does not rely on PL’s.

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