Adaptive Training Progression Levels All 1s

I just enabled Adaptive Training and my Progression Levels are all 1. Is this correct? Does it just start me at 1 for every level or will it adjust based on my workout history?

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Better to send a message to to get the info you need and have them check it out.

Assuming you’ve done TR workouts before and you’ve done them indoors, your levels should be reflective of your current training. If, however, you’ve not used TR or all your rides are outdoors, it is possible you only see 1s right now due to some outdoor workout bugs and outdoor free rides currently not being credited to your levels.

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I got in today as well and I’m in a similar situation. All my levels are 1 except a 2.3 for VO2max. I’m not sure why. I’ve done a fair bit of outdoor rides but I’ve been doing TR indoor workouts as well.

Tomorrow’s “adaptation” was trying to have me go from my scheduled 4.8 sweetspot to a level 1. Hopefully after completing the higher level workouts it will adjust accordingly. I’m not taking the adaptation.

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I’ve mostly done outdoor workouts recently.

Just got in, and I have a bunch of level 1’s too. I assumed that was normal to start with but maybe not? The majority of my rides have been inside for the year.

Unclear so send email to support!

If you’ve been doing them on a Wahoo head unit, there is a known bug that they do not work with AT or give credit to your PLs right now. You can find the list of known bugs here:

In any event, it is always best to email support.

Thanks, I also fall into that bug.

Tr customer support got back to me within the hour on this. here is their reply

I can confirm that your levels are working correctly.

There are two factors that are contributing to the lower levels that you’re seeing.

The first is the level decay system. Over time, if you don’t have rides that AT is able to analyze, your levels will decay over time as AT is under the impression that you aren’t doing rides, and therefore when you come back it wants to make sure that your levels are in the right place so that you’re able to complete your workouts.

The second reason is your FTP increases. When your FTP increases, we decrease your levels. This is because the same workouts will be harder at a higher FTP than at a lower FTP. Simply put, if we didn’t lower your levels after increasing your FTP, all of the workouts would be very difficult.


Not sure where this question belongs but I´ll start here @mcneese.chad

So just to be clear this is not a gripe just a question as we ride relaxed before we start climbing.

So on my progression levels I had 5.0 in endurance and 4.something on VO2… after completing several 1.5hr VO2 max workouts that concluded with a 15min+ endurance block.
My VO2 max and others have progressed. VO2 is 5.4 but my Endurance has dropped after completing Dashuik, Dollar Law, San Cristobal, and Starlight my Endurance dropped from 5 or a high 4 to 4.3 and my VO2 progressed to 5.4.

What I did not see was any secondary progression to my Endurance line. So my question is;

Do we get progression credit for the long endurance intervals at the end of threshold or VO2 work? If not, then why are they included in the workout if we don´t get any cheese? @Nate_Pearson

As I understand it, workouts impact one primary system with may one adjacent one. So I’ve seen changes to sweet sport (primary) and tempo (secondary) or tempo and endurance. But I wouldn’t think a VO2 max workout would impact endurance.

I realize that you are doing a bit of endurance at the end so not sure if AI isn’t looking at it or it isn’t enough. If you want to impact your endurance level, it’s better to do a separate endurance workout instead of adding extra endurance to the existing workout.

Final point, don’t get too caught up in your PLs. Just like people can over their FTP. If your FTP or your PLs are a little off, it isn’t going to impact your training. As has been said on the podcast many times, our systems aren’t switches. They blur together.

If you are WAY off (your PLs are 1 or 10) then contact support. They can tell you if that is correct or there is a bug.

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Thanks for the quick response. Good advice on not getting hung up on the number BUT when I saw the drop I just had the question as I´m following a TR Plan and am happy with the Tng and now that the Machines are taking over :rofl: I just wanted to understand the why.

TR and this forum do a good job of that so I¨m just wanting to understand why are we doing such a long Endurance interval at the end of a demanding workout. TR usually has a method to the madness or is this just mental and physical torture post VO2 and Threshold :rofl:

But back to the numbers and not focusing on them… Post Cape Epic @Nate_Pearson and Jonathon were explaining AT in a little more depth and at first I realized that I suck as Nate gave examples of people progressing to 10 and I have only been a little north of 5 :joy: :joy: but I¨m good now :grin:

thanks again for your response.

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You should be getting credit for the systems targeted within each workout. As always, if you think something is up with your Progression Levels and you’d like a second look, the team at is always happy to check it out and make sure nothing is amiss!

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Thanks, I will reread the workout objectives and confirm or deny and contact support if necessary.