First VO2 workout of the season…PL 1.0 to 10.0…

I modified Adams in workout creator so my power targets were more similar to my power duration curve from WKO5. I really just wanted to see how close I could hold my power as a benchmark of sorts. Basically a 7, 5, 3, and 2 min effort. You can see I struggled with all of them except the 7 min effort. For the survey response I said it was an all out effort and attributed it to intensity. For whatever reason, TR still considered it a successful workout and bumped my PL up from 1.0 to 10.0.


I’d possibly contact support. Otherwise AT is going to serve you up a bunch of workouts you’ll struggle with.

(Depending on the training block)

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I’d exclude it from AIFTP/Progression Levels so your next VO2 workouts aren’t impossible!


Yeah, that’s the ticket :ok_hand:

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Curious why you chose “all out” instead of “did not pass.” I think the latter would not update your PLs.

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Honestly don’t recall seeing that as an option. Curious why TR needs me to tell them if I pass a workout or not? Usually when I fail a workout it gives me the “looks like you struggled with that” or whatever it says prompt and then doesn’t update my PL.

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Leave it be. The stuff of legends mate!


It’s stuff like this that makes me think this whole AI thing does more harm than good…


Hey @jdlbb!

I would exclude all custom workouts from the AIFTP/Progression Levels like @FrankTuna mentioned :slight_smile:

Custom workouts made with the Workout Creator don’t have the same Workout Level logic as the ones from the TR Workout Library.

Like @mailman noted, by not excluding them, you’ll be bumping your Progression Levels and get served a bunch of workouts you’ll most likely struggle with.

The “did not pass” option is only for TR Outside workouts in case you struggled or did not complete the scheduled workout.

By default, Adaptive Training considers completed Outside Workouts to be successful and adjusts your Progression Levels afterwards to reflect this. But just as with indoor workouts, your response to the post-workout survey can add further nuance to how Adaptive Training responds to your performance.

Once your outside ride has been associated with the planned TrainerRoad workout, you can update your survey response on the app or website to rate how the workout felt, or select “I Did Not Pass” in case you struggled with the workout.

Similarly, like with custom workouts, by marking it as such, you are ensuring you don’t update your Progression Levels to a Workout Level you did not complete/struggled with and are ready for.

Good to know.

…but what if the majority of my workouts are custom workouts?

They shouldn’t be if you want to make any use of progression levels.


That’s right @Torneng.

In your case @jdlbb, since I see you’re not following a TR training plan and creating your own training through custom workouts, then the Progression Levels don’t really play a role. Unless, you are picking individual TR Workouts based on their Difficulty Level, then those are skewed by the PL’s you’re getting from your custom workouts.

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What about AIFTP? Will that still be accurate with the majority of my workouts being custom?

Yes :slight_smile:

As long as you have the initial 10 Indoor TR Workouts (which you do), AI FTP Detection will analyze and incorporate all indoor and outdoor rides with power data, whether or not they’re TrainerRoad workouts.


I had the same problem as the OP. I unchecked the “Include in progression levels” box on the workout several days ago, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything.

Is it working for anyone else?



So some interesting follow up details.

I decided to deselect the workout so it would be excluded from my PL and AIFTP but neither changed and remained the same.

On Tuesday I successfully completed Sunny Hay(5.6 PL VO2 Max) and marked it as hard and it triggered a FTP update and for some reason dropped me from 264 to 262…

Then, yesterday I ended a 60 min 4.2 endurance ride short by 15 minutes because of time constraints and got prompted again to update my FTP. This time from 262 to 265…

Weird, huh?

@jdlbb @NickL Thanks for the heads up! We’ve passed those details on to our developers and they’re working on a fix.

There’s currently an issue with the “exclude” button that we’ve confirmed with the team.

The issue with multiple FTP Detections being triggered is separate.

@NickL let us know if you’d like us to fix that 10.0 VO2 Max level for you!

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@ZackeryWeimer Just FYI, I completed brasstown today and it triggered another FTP detection. This time from 265 to 269. Should I be accepting or rejecting these?

Yes please!

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@NickL Cool, done! I reset it to 4.1, which is where it was before you did the custom workout.

@jdlbb Don’t feel like you have to accept each change! In fact, it would probably be better if you didn’t so your Progression Levels stay steady. Apologies that you have to deal with so many proposed FTP changes at the moment – our devs are looking into what might be causing this and should have a fix soon!

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