Still confused about single leg drills with left sided power meter

Since I’ve started doing SSB1, there are loads of single leg stuff.

Since my Stages only reports left, unsure how to proceed. Basically the section of workout with those drills, you’re actually doing less power than you should be doing.

Also since it measures cadence only from left too, this also messes up cadence measurements on right hand crank too - doesn’t seem to get it correctly from left crank when no power going through.

What do people do? I was thinking of switching to cycleops hammer power - but don’t think this measures cadence properly either?

I’ve listened to podcast where they mention this but there’s no work around to the halving of power.

Must be folks in similar position - would like to hear what they do? I’m finding it quite frustrating doing these workouts - since you can’t even follow the advice of ignoring the drills since power is messed up and trainer won’t respond properly either in erg mode with power match.


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I too have single sided Garmin vector 2s and I just don’t worry about the power. I could be wrong but to my mind the single leg drills are for form not maintaining exact power. As long as you are avoiding the knocking you are pedalling all around the circle and training your muscles what this feels like and gaining the benefit


@Gidon_Reid i would not lose sleep over it. The drills doing the workout will have a power associated with them but the goal for the drill is less focused on a specific power output but rather working on a more efficient pedal stroke. The drills are short enough and such a small component of the total workout that it has a negligible effect on even the total TSS (if you are tracking that) It should however, still tract your cadence even if you are pedaling with the opposite leg but the power will be affected. Hope this helps

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My single side Stages doesn’t give power nor cadence on single leg drill in right side. The workout pauses when I unclip left foot.

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You can turn off the auto-pause feature in the app


Same boat. I just do my own SLD during warm up/cool down outside of the TR workout.


I can’t help feel that considering the number of people who must be using TR with single sided power meters, TR could make some effort to accommodate them. Even if it’s just text advising what to do. It’s not the incorrect TSS that’s the issue, it’s the fact that you have no idea what power the trainer is trying to push through the leg with no power meter.

Even better, why can’t TR shift to use trainer power if available automatically? I “forgot” Stages in single leg drills today and it worked ok I think - using the Hammer power and cadence. Just tapped it on again when finished that section of the workout.

I think it makes TR feel less than the premium product it is in many other ways. It’s a little sloppy - it would be great if someone from TR would respond.

There is another thread on this topic over here:

Copy that in single leg drill.

  1. I will turn off autopause.
  2. Use a Garmin and a cadence sensor.
  3. Use SWAG for single left leg cadence and power to right leg when power and cadence drop off TR screen. I’m going to use the Garmin for right leg cadence.
    It will work good enough.
  4. Cut the food budget to purchase dual side power meter.

Lose weight and upgrade your bike!

I was actually considering writing in to the podcast, in hopes they would make a YouTube video on single (one) leg drills. When I do OLD’s, I just hit “pedal to play” and do the right side with no power recording. I am more concerned about cadence and form. I find when I pedal faster, that my form is better (no knocking). I have seen people put their resting foot on their handlebars, dangle to the side, or rest the trainer. Which one maximizes power on pedaling leg??? I would like to see an example of a really good single leg drill with cues on what to look for to fix your stroke. My knee doesn’t wobble side to side, but I do get knocking and would like some advise on where to look in my stroke to fix it and what exercises. I do tons of hip exercises already, but should I add in OLD’s outside of my TR sessions?