Isolated leg training with single sided power meter and powermatch

Hi all,

I’m following the SSB mid volume and really liking the plan so far but I’ve had one workout with single sided drills and it threw me. I have a one sided power meter and am using power match because there is a huge difference between my power meter and my trainer and I want my indoor power numbers to be at least vaguely relevant to outdoor riding. My question is what am I meant to do for indoor leg drills? I was in erg mode and I couldn’t really get the hang of it as the resistance was doing all sorts of weird stuff. I also didn’t really know what I was supposed to try and do or what I was supposed to achieve. The power numbers were nowhere near the target but I don’t know if that was an issue. And I have no idea why the power wasn’t just 0 on the right leg drills but TR somehow seemed to think I was putting out some power.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?


switch to resistance mode for ILT. your power numbers will not be close to the target and for what you are doing they are irrelevant. Just make sure the resistance or gear choice is easy enough to be able to do the ILT drills.

it wasn’t zero because the pm was measuring some power. There is strain placed on that crank arm and it is rotating so it will report a power number, it will just be super low. The weight of the pedal and the force it creates will cause the power meter to detect some strain.