Single Leg Drill Power Target Question

Hi guys I tried searching for this question but I am having a hard time finding an answer.

I just did my first set of single leg drills today and I wasn’t sure what kind of power target I should be trying to hold. I have a single side 4iiii power meter on my left crank arm. Luckily it reports cadence even when I’m unclipped (I’ve seen some people have issues with this) but because it doubles the power target on the left I was assuming I needed to double my power output when doing left leg drills. Obviously it reports 0 on the right but I can try to match the intensity and Trainer Road seems to be okay with the 0 output during these drills.

Is this right? It started to seem pretty hard about half way through, I managed the intervals and the next set but I couldn’t decide if I was doing the right thing or if I was making it twice as hard on myself.

Heres a link to the ride if its relevant, hope it works: