Garmin Vector 3 dual pedals and single leg drills

Hi all,

I was doing Tunnabora and running through the single-leg pedaling drill when I noticed that TR does not pick up my right pedal. My left pedal is picked up fine, but my right pedal shows “0” watts. I turned on my Garmin headunit and confirmed that both pedals registered. I stopped the workout and calibrated the pedals on TR, but the right pedal still wasn’t getting picked up.

Is this working as intended or a known issue that’s being worked on? I have a wonky L/R balance unfortunately so if TR only uses the left-side pedal, I’ll probably stick with my Kickr’s power numbers.


Hello! Did you ever find out the answer to this? I’m having the same issue. My right pedal doesn’t register on my garmin either.

I would try unpairing and repairing the right pedal in garmin connect. If that doesn’t result in the right pedal power being reported I would contact garmin CS about it as it would fall under a garmin issue. Best to make sure you have some ride files with this occurring saved as they will often want to look over them

That usually means the right pedal isn’t paired. I actually do a set of ILTs when I change batteries just to make sure it’s set up correctly. You have to Link the right pedal every time you change batteries.

Consider the left pedal as a master and the right as a slave. The right pedal pairs to the left and then the left sends the data to your head unit. You can operate the Vector 3 as a single left sided power meter but not a single right sided power meter. It’ll work ok with single left legged drills (but the power may be doubled), but it won’t register right legged drills as there will be no power being delivered to the left pedal so will think your not doing anything. It will keep the right pedal paired as there will be movement to keep them both awake.

This isn’t a fault of either the power meter or any platform. If you want to do single legged drills us the power from your smart trainer.

Hope that all makes sense?