Stick to plan builder suggested blocks?

I am having a hard time deciding which blocks to fill in between now and my my race.
Some background…
I signed up for a half distance Ironman in June 2021. This is my first year using TR. Prior to using TR, I was very inconsistent with cycling, and would go often go weeks/months without riding.

I started my first training block (Half-Distance Low Volume) in September, and successfully completed that. I went from 200 to 230 FTP. I am about to finish up Half-Distance Mid Volume.

How should I proceed with my training blocks if my goal is to increase my FTP/finish time?
If I backdate the plan builder start date to September, TR recommends that I do a Specialty, Build, and Specialty in the next 5 months. However, if I enter next week as the start date, it suggests, Base, Build, Specialty. What do you all recommend given my goals/background?

If you backdate do the last weeks match what you actually did (base)? If they match i would follow the backdated plan.