Starting Plan Builder with SSBLV2?

I started using TR for the first time in January and did SSBLV1 to see if I would enjoy structured training. Now I’d like to use Plan Builder to build out the rest of my training blocks but it starts me off at SSBLV1 again when I’ve already finished it. Is there a way I can have PB start me at SSBLV2? I tried setting the Start Date in PB to the original date I started SSBLV1, but it still gives me a few weeks of LV1 in the new plan before starting SSBLV2. What’s the best way to accomplish skipping LV1 while still having a planned phases around my events the rest of the year?

It is probably doing that with respect to the end date you may have on the calendar. Hacking what you have already tried, see if moving your start date even a week or two before your actual SSB1 start may be a way to get into SSB2 when you want.

Try putting a start and end date on your plan so that you don’t have enough weeks to complete all the Base 1 & 2, Build and Speciality phases.

I only say this because I got PB to do me a short 7 week plan back in January and it started me with 3 weeks of SSBLVII followed 4 of General Build.

This seemed to work but now TR is asking me to remove my older plan since two plans overlap. If I remove my original plan will I lose all my completed workouts?

Nope, and done stuff stays right there.