Starting a new plan - need some advice

Just finishing General build LV which was proceeded by SSBLV 1&2.

Planning on starting a new plan to take me through to cx season. Plan builder wants to take me back through SSB again, followed by short power build. While I can see the value in that I’m not sure how much benefit I’ll get from SSB LV1?

Should I follow plan builder or do something else with more v02 max etc?



Hi Jez :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you see FTP increases as you went through your previous plan? If so, there is a good chance that the workouts in SSB LV1 will still offer a challenge.

It’s also worth taking the time, considering most people have no events on their calendar, to build a nice deep and wide foundation. You can then layer the intensity on top of this.

You could also tweak the LV plan slightly. If you find that you are sailing through, time permitting, why not add an additional workout. Start by adding Z2 and see how it effects your prescribed workouts. Can you still recover and get quality work done?