Standing - out of the saddle drills. Can't do them!

I’ve tried a couple of times to complete these drills but either end up completely overshooting the power profile as soon as I stand up or having to take my weight on my arms and the bars (which is very quickly exhausting) to allow my legs to push less and not overshoot.

Sprint 1200W+

Does anyone have this problem?
Is it better to take the weight on your arms and not overshoot?

There is no way to switch quickly out of erg mode to resistance (hunt the menu options on an iPhone) so is it best to leave this sort of thing for outside rides?

Am I just doing it wrong?

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What trainer and gearing are you using?

Yes, weight on the arms.

I get out of the saddle every 5-10 minutes for 30-60 seconds and can do that for hours. Most of the times it’s not even visible on my power curve, only on the cadence curve. I’m not using ERG mode.

If you are talking about “regular” standing and not “sprinting”, you might consider trying my trick.


Elite Drivo 1
Front big ring - back middle cassette - but it will overshoot on a 30 second drill even if I drop it down to 11 on the back. And we are talking about standing drills - which are relatively low power targets compared to sprints.

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I know just what you mean, particularly when the prescribed wattage is very low. It is just very awkward. I gear up quite a bit, and just don’t worry about my power for the time I’m standing. It’s nice to take the pressure off of my fanny for a moment anyway.