Optional Drills in ERG mode

When I am in Erg mode and an optional drill to stand or do one leg drill comes up it’s just way too easy gearing wise and you would need to switch gears in order to do the drills is that correct? I thought you don’t switch gear in ERG mode?

Here is a trick I use for ERG. It is great to use for standing, sprinting and even simple low-cadence drills.


Perfect, thanks for posting that. That is exactly what I needed as it spelled out the issues and have the solutions regarding mixing in standing.

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I need to do a video to show it easier. But it works really well.


I always dropped into a harder gear coming out of a sprint interval so my cadence doesn’t wind up out of control as power drops, but it never even occurred to me to do the same when moving to a standing position.

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Cool I will try that. Also today to keep my cadence up and power on target I had to up the FTP I have by 20%…is my ftp wrong do you think? I did ramp tests and 8 minute FTP test also. I am having a mare calibrating also I can never get enough speed on my Tacx Flux Smart with TR it’s impossible for me… I have calibrated it with the Tacx app is that going to be ok?!

When I read the article it is what I thought of doing. However, the no gear change advice when in ERG had me questioning if that would work…,seems it will which is good.

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Yup, that’s why I wrote it back then. I stumbled on the technique after switching to a smart trainer from rollers the previous years.

I followed the advice to just slow my cadence and let the trainer adjust. But it was slow and I didn’t like the feel. So I tried the shift and it works awesome.

What gearing are you using for your main workouts?

Small cog front middle cog on back to keep the chain staightush. Might simply switch over to big cog before standing or doing one leg…

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I think the Flux has some issues with wattage floor and ceiling. You might want to experiment with a bit faster wheel speed to see if that helps.