Getting out of the saddle with ERG

I understand that getting out of the saddle in a controlled fashion is beneficial to do once in a while.

What I don’t understand is how to do this effectively accomplish this with ERG enabled. I ask because unless I’m doing an effort that puts a lot of tension on my chain, say 200% above FTP, then my pedal strokes are bottoming out. Clearly, this quite detrimental, because I lose the fluidity of my pedal stroke.

This is troublesome for me, because I feel I’m more than I should be after a hard effort in the sense that I feel incredibly stiff. I think that I would feel better after hard efforts if I could effectively get out of the saddle and give my poor bum a break.

Does this make sense?

Any tips?


:point_up_2:Nice, I hadn’t seen that before.

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Give it a shot and let me know if you like it. :smiley:



Great article you wrote there.

Thank you.

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Checking in that was able to successfully employ the link @mcneese.chad posted.

I didn’t bottom out at the bottom of the pedal stroke, but I did notice that I would overshoot my wattage. Asides from that it worked really well.

I’m going to keep practicing.

Thank you.

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Good deal, good it worked for you. It takes a bit of practice, but I find it much better than the alternative.

Had to laugh that this is on Zwift where 99% of the users use Resistance Mode all the time! :rofl:

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To that end, it seems like the current trend is that a lot of people are turning trainer-difficulty down quite a bit (reducing the need to shift gears.) It’s kinda funny to me that it seems we’ve almost come full circle: smart trainers to replicate real roads, then using software to tune out the need to shift all the time.

Well, I shared it with another group to get it published. But that said they didn’t like making the suggestion and any related risk.

I know Eric at ZI and mentioned my thoughts. He liked it and thought it was worth posting. There are plenty of people in Zwift doing ERG workouts too. So it’s worth sharing around, since it works for any app really.