Stages LR drop to 0-single Leg Drill

I have a Stages LR Gen 3 power meter. When using my Garmin, I have L/R reading indepently and it seems to behave normaly when I vary the pressure on Left or Right.

However, when I do single leg drills, power and rpm drop to 0 when I pedal only with the Right side. I still get value when performing single leg drills on the left side.

I have the same issue on Zwift and TrainerRoad whether it is connected via Ant+ or Bluetooth.

In order to be L/R broadcasting, I have paired both sides with the Stages app and I paired only the left side with the software as per Stages instruction.
Anyone experiencing similar issue?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Takes about 20 seconds for the right side to start transmitting power and cadence. I’ve posted info in several other threads. I’m doing 1 minute for each leg. Annoying.

Thanks! That reassures me. I’ll test it.
Nonetheless, I’m puzzled by how this stages power meter works. If they are double-sided it’s a strange behaviour.

Some more info and a pic here:

I’ve been doing more single leg drills and its definitely 20 seconds with the latest firmware on a gen3 dual left-right Shimano Ultegra 8000.