SSBMV, thuesday's sweetspots achievable too?

I know Sunday’s longer sweetspot should be achievable but thuesday’s sweetspots all seem to achievable ( they all seem to be as hard or slightly easier than the previous thursday)?

Are you looking at them as they’re scheduled by plan builder before you start training, or as they’re unfolding as you do the workouts?

If the latter - are you using Adaptive Training and how have you been answering the survey?

the latter and yes they have been adapted…

Then I guess it’s adapting them in line with your survey responses.

If you feel it’s not stretching you as much as you’d like, wrestle back control from the AI for a week by choosing a more difficult workout alternate. Assuming you complete it OK and rate it, say, Moderate or Hard, AT will then progress you from there.

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Hey! Took a glance at your calendar and Im glad to see your workouts were adapted and are moving you in an appropriately challenging direction. Seeing Productive/Stretch for those future workouts is great, and as @Helvellyn mentions, the difficulty will change as your fitness changes as well.

You’re absolutely nailing these workouts and doing great with your survey responses, so AT will keep moving you forward incrementally. Keep up the amazing work!!! :raised_hands:


Thanks but I started tinkering with plan builder again today as I might be able to do a course on a few Saturdays and see what plan builder does for me but again it’s doing weird things: I took time off from October 31st until November 6th but in spite of this plan builder scheduled workouts that time but skipped the recovery week before that :confused:

No problem, we can help!

It does look like your time off is appropriately accounted for as of right now; was it an instance of jamming through Plan Builder and maybe saying Don’t include Time Off?

Your calendar looks squared away, just confirming that this is how you’d like it to look:

Let me know!

I deleted and readded the plan a few thing. I found out what causes the workouts outs to be during my planned time off: when I switch volume (eg mid to low)

Hmm. I’m not able to duplicate this on my end, did you do this from the calendar view by selecting the phase and then changing the volume?

Or was it done by deleting your entire plan and changing volume via Plan Builder?
(I tested by doing this as well and ‘keeping time off’, but still couldn’t duplicate what you experienced).

Thanks for letting us know the steps you took, if this is a bug we’ll want to try to document it and make sure we get the fix dialed!

yes, I started with mid volume in plan builder, then changed to low volume in the calendar and back again to mid volume again in calendar but the first change to low volume already puts some workouts in my time off

Thanks for the intel. I cant seem to duplicate this, but I’ll check in with the team to see if there are any other reports of this issue.

In the meantime, I’m glad to see your calendar is as it should be! Keep up the solid work with training and let me know if you have any questions. :raised_hands:

I just deleted my plan and re-added it, then changed to low and back again to mid. See the screenshots to see what happened

after setup in plan builder

after switching to low volume

after switching back to mid volume

I’m looking into this for you, @ArHu74 ! I’ll swing back around when I have more answers for you.

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Hey Armand!
I took a look into this, and I was able to reproduce the issue on your account. I passed on the information to the team so that the engineers can take a look into this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

In the meantime, if you add the time-off after changing the Plan Volume, you will see the time-off displayed correctly.
Thanks for your patience as we get to the bottom of this! Let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face: