SSB2 or back to SSB1 and up level

Ok, so I have a long off season, and lots of motivation to get a nice big powerful base. I’m a triathlete and am going to do a 70.3 at the end of the 2020 season and a bunch of olympics starting in early June. So I started SSB1 Low volume so I could try and keep my running and swimming up, but I’m really digging the trainer road stuff, and I’m thinking of bumping up to middle volume and dropping one or two of my swim/runs (3x week of each) to get more time on the bike. So my main question is, if you were going to move from low to mid volume would you just bump to mid volume for SSB2 or would you start over again with SSB1 mid volume plan? I have the time before I start my build phase to get in a few full base cycles, so i’m not time crunched in that regard. So I’m thinking of either doing SSB1LV --> SSB2MV or SSB1LV -->SSB1MV -->SSB2MV ?

If times not an issue id got back and do SSB1 again, MV. Although if times really not an issue and you want base (im in the same boat) why not do some traditional base then go into SSB?

To be honest, I don’t want to spend that amount of time on the trainer. On weekdays I need to be done with my bike work by 5:45AM, so 60-90 minutes is pretty much the max I’m cool with.

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The increase in intensity between SSB1LV and SSB2MV is non-negligible. You have lots of time to work with, so it’d probably be best to start with the SSB1MV base ramp so that you’re not caught off guard by the increase and can best take advantage of it by adapting properly. :slight_smile:

Fair enough. It is a bit of a drag to be fair!! (im doing 1.5hrs of Z2 every day for a few weeks but im treating it a a break from intensity).

I posted a similar query last week. In my case, I’m repeating SSBI at MV. But if you’re looking for another option, zwillis1 had an interesting hybrid idea . . .

Check out the new tool and all the adjustments that can be made to phases and volume.