SSB2 MV to GB MV to SSB2 MV to BB to... burnout


I think I’m flirting with a little burnout.
Brief backstory…
I’m 49 years old, 180 pounds, and stopped biking 25 years ago.
After losing 45 pounds doing intervals on an old Lifecycle between 10/2018 and 6/2019, and racing for the 1st then 2nd time ever, I joined TR.
Based on my upcoming A-race in early November, I completed SSB2 MV then GB MV. Then, based on my other A-race in mid-April, I completed SSB2 MV then barely finished GB MV. (After that I will start over with SSB1…) Since July, I have raised my Ramp Test FTP from 216 to 246. My 20-minute FTP has gone from 239 to 259.

I am currently in the 8th week of GB MV and struggling to lose fatigue. I’m still haunted by the last VO2 max and anaerobic workouts and considering taking a week off.
NOTE: My resting heart rate is still in the 40s, but up a little, and other than a runny nose, I haven’t been sick.

I’m supposed to start RRR MV next week. I also have an extra week either for extra work or in case I get sick.


  • Are legs that get fatigued going up a flight of stairs normal for people in the last week of GB.
  • Should I take my extra week now to rest or push through and save it for additional training or being sick later.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.