Tips for someone who burned out hard last week?

I have a weird body type where I have a lean upper body and massive quads/legs. Im 6’3 and weigh 215lbs. Most of the weight is in my legs

VO2Max workouts barely get me into a sweat, but sweet spot and threshold do a number on me…often im in muscle pain the next day and the back-to-back workouts on Saturday and Sunday on the sweet spot mid volume plans kill me.

I consider myself an above average cyclist: I did almost 8,000km outdoors this summer most rides at 32 or 33km/h and one 350km ride at 31km/h average.

I started Trainer Road at end of November (winter here) and didn’t miss a single workout until last week near the end of SSBMV2 where I just burned out completely, and stayed off the trainer for 5 days. I do my proper pre/during/post workout drinks (recovery: 100g carbs, 30g protein), and sleep 8 hours a night. I generally have very low stress in my life

How can I tell what caused me to burn out last week? Am I overachieving on my ramp test? I went from 290 to 320 FTP when starting SSBMV2. Should I try bumping down to 305 FTP? Or maybe switch to the low volume plan?

Could be something as innocuous as a mild virus if it’s just suddenly happened. Your FTP jump was excellent but also quite big when you take into account the effect on percentage of FTP when you have your workouts. Bumping it down by 10w or so might be a good idea and if it feels too easy, then you can always increase again.

I’m becoming a broken record on this but I think SSMV is more of a build, than base. If you think this burnout could lead to a long term type of burnout I would try going to a LV plan and adding only Z2 to fill in remaining time. Or, maybe even better, do a full round of traditional base before going into a build or attempting the SS approach again.

My mindset previously to focused z2 training was that 1. I didn’t need it because I had “so many hours in my legs already” before starting TR. 2. That it sounded super boring. I’m finding that even after a few short weeks of only z2 indoors and the one weekly group ride, I’m feeling great. The workouts do get monotonous but with some good planning I just find a good podcast or show. Today I get to catch up on the TR podcast.

All that said, maybe SSBMV is right for you but you just had a hard week and needed the extra recovery. A good litmus test would be your attitude to your next scheduled SS or VO2 workout, or you stoked on the idea or dreading it?

So many variables, if you open up you TR account to public we could look further into your training. Aside from that, if you were able to complete your workouts your FTP is likely close, but could possibly be just a bit high. With a 30w increase, you’d likely be pushing right up against your limits. So possibly you were slightly tapping into nonfunctional overreaching causing you to burn out. If you are at your very limit trying to complete every T, TH, Sat, Sun workout, you may have pushed too far. Workouts are meant to be doable, so if you find yourself constantly hanging on by a string, something is off and needs a change. The constant push to follow the plan exactly as prescribed usually ends bad.

My n=1 experience being almost 3 years on TR MV plans, except currently have moved up to HV this season, is that there is a bit too much intensity in general and MV may be the worst of them all. This is my personal experience and what I’ve gathered from reading almost everything on the forum. Which is unfortunate because I assume that’s were most of the TR customers fall. I much preferred (performed/felt better with) SSBHV 1 & 2 and I’d say it’s “easier” than SSBMV. The caveat being that you have the time for both the workouts and recovery. I’ll never go back to SSBMV. TR needs to tweak their plans as too many of their users are finding its not sustainable year after year and searching for alternatives (Polarized Training).

The best advise I got was to change Sunday’s SS workout to a long z2 and ride Wednesdays z2 by feel (Fridays as well on HV plans). That SS on Sunday after already tough T, TH and Sat workouts is just enough to push you over the edge. Sure you can finish it, but at the danger of costing future training and possible burn out.

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Personal option of course, If VO2max is easy and SS/threshold is hard, sounds like your FTP is set too high and you are part of the ramp test over-achievers club. There’s a whole thread about it. Might be worth trying a 20min test or other longer test protocol and make sure you have your SS/threshold power targets dialed in. Then bump up the intensity of VO2max intervals as necessary.

Thats also a decent bump in FTP to adjust to between SSBMV1 and SSBMV2. Your new sweetspot intervals are your old threshold, roughly.

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