SSB HV folks - how're you feeling?

I’m just sitting around after doing Wright Peak -1, midway through week 5 of SSB2 HV, and aside from a couple of days, I’ve been pretty fresh throughout both phases. So I was kind of curious to hear from anyone else doing the HV plans, where are you in the process and how are you feeling physically? Was curious if folks feel pretty well buried by the end of this or end feeling strong. I did this last year but I honestly can’t remember how I was feeling, definitely should have kept better notes! Of course you can feel free to share any improvements you’ve made throughout SSB as well!

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I didnt follow the plan perfectly as I did a few group rides that added a lot of tss as well as commuting so the first few weeks were not followed exactly. However the last 2 weeks were done according to the plan and I kept the overall tss similar to what was in the plan for the group ride weeks.

I felt more tired during the first 2 weeks and by the end the workouts felt much less tiring than I was expecting. I actually felt quite fresh compared to the start of the plan.

I am currently in the recovery week so I will see what improvements I made this Tuesday but overall the plan felt very manageable.

I think a few things helped me stay rested for the last couple weeks. I was very strict on my sleep and managed to get good rest each night by going to bed earlier than I usually would. I also made sure to eat well during the rides and had recovery drinks immediately afterwards. (just chocolate milk).

Overall I was doing between 950-1100 tss per week with commutes according to training peaks and was able to sleep for 8-8.5 hrs each night.

Well I’m currently on week 4 of HV Sustained Power Build, which commenced after finishing SSBHV. I felt ok after SSBHV, tired definitely, but not overly so. I found Block 1 quite straightforward but block 2 was much harder. What was most concerning to me was the lack of a FTP increase following SSBHV( block 2), block 1 brought a nice small bump but block 2 brought about nothing at all, which was quite annoying at the time!

I’ve just done my 1st outside ride of the year and although it’s impossible for things to be equal outside (too many variables such as weather), I was quite shocked to find I was significantly slower than my 1st outside ride of last year at a similar time of my MV training phase. The irrational part of my brain is now wondering if HV can actually make you slower…is that even possible or am I just overthinking things on a bad day? Not sure but I am going to be very wary of HV next year if that’s the case!

I think it’s safe to say I was more mentally drained from similar sweetspot efforts for weeks on end, than physically drained.

I’m in the build phase now, and it’s a really nice change of pace.


I have gotten little knee injurie.
Nothing to bad little overtrained knee pain or so shud be ok in 1 or 2 weeks