SRM X-Power Flat Pedals

Have these been out for a while and I missed it, or did they sneak them in with no fanfare?

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There kind of appeared late last year and got mentioned in the parallel SRM SPD topic:

But I have not seen anything substantial on them since then.

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Ah. Thanks. I’ll delete.

No, let’s keep it. I think it is potentially worth having a separate post. Flat pedal power meters are a rarity, so I think having a dedicated topic is useful.

With this pricing, and the comments in the other hot pedal topic (Assioma conversion) there has been some serious interest in flat pedals with power. I am shocked that Assioma and Xpedo haven’t linked up to just make something happen.


They snuck the flats in a while ago. Just had another email today from SRm with the advertisement

The gist of the SRm spd pedal thread was the first versions had some issues. Short battery life and some calibration and connectivity. My set made a trip back to Colorado. Looks like the few of us with SRm pedals are sorted out now and they behave as they should. They are expensive as expected from SRm but am hoping will have the same durability and reliability as the road units.


Thanks for the feedback. That’s too rich for me, but it’s good to know they exist and seem to be sorted. I got that email today too, and that was what got me looking. It’s odd that there are not a ton of reviews or anything. I totally missed when you posted it last year.

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What’s the actual battery life?

I’ll track hours this spring when I start hitting dirt regularly. I was getting 4-5 weeks out of a charge and riding dirt 4-6 hours a week. The Garmin 530 gives a battery warning with what seems to be 4-5 hours of time remaining. Seems close enough to the SRm 30 hours per charge claim.

I don’t find charging to be too bothersome. Bike is parked near an outlet and the magnetic connectors are fine. I did have to remove the crank protector boots though.

There are a few. Pretty much read as: Nice pedals. Work as intended. Expensive.

I ended up with a set as have a bunch of SRm cranks. I called and asked about some upgrades (converting 130BCD spiders to compact). During conversation they asked if I wanted to try the pedals as they had a couple sets available. I tried to say no but somehow “yes” came out as did the credit card. You guys know how that happens with bike kit right?


I can’t relate at all. I only own a Quarq, a 4iiii, Favero SPD conversions, XC200s, and I’m asking about SRM flats. :man_facepalming:

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Anyone have any updated info on these pedals? This is the only place I can find any info. Thanks!

Do you have any updated info on the flat pedals/powermeters? I can’t find any info. Thanks!

No info on the flat pedals. My X-powers have worked well.

Suggest sending SRm a quick email. They normally respond in a day. If USA / North America based, that is the email address to use.