SRM X-Pedal Power Meter, MTB SPD

I read a review stating that SRM was working on a firmware update to reduce the idle power drain of the pedals, Does anyone know if that’s happened?

It appears to have been fixed.

Thanks! How long before the batteries are drained now when you’re not using them? @dcrainmaker’s review said I would be charging them every 3 weeks and I was worried about that

Just as a minor note that there were both hardware AND software changes to unlock the different battery idle profiles SRM discussed at the time. These were to be done inline, so there wasn’t a new name or anything, just a running change on the production line with new components that supported significantly battery life. While also doing a firmware update to help existing units slightly as well.


Gotta empty those beers first, then I will review em.

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SRM just announced X-Power flat pedals for dirt.

As an update, my x-powers continue to work well after the round trip to Colorado. Am a happy customer again. Battery life seems solid and the garmin 530 gives an alert with plenty of time remaining to complete a couple 2 hours rides.

I’ve not bothered to reference the power to my road SRm units but the readings roughly match what I expect based on terrain, RPE and how hard I’m pushing. Dirt power files are so different from road or trainer that I’m keeping mtn and road data separate for now.


I had to snag these from the google cache:

These I got via regular search access.


I have my pedals since May without probs.

I charge the battery every 3 to 4 weeks.

The connection with my Fenix 5 is not the most stable. But I blame the Fenix, it works well with my other devices.

The numbers match very well with my Kickr Core.

The only less good thing is that it’s a bit fiddly to engage the charging connectors. It would be good if they could be charged from a power bank but the pedals go into sleep mode.


Probably a pretty impressive bit of kit from a technological standpoint, but man, €1300 for flat pedals just looks very wrong :joy:


I gotta criticize the design a bit.
The pedal itself is very good, but everything around the thread is a little questionable.
The pedals don’t work with crank guards, as these make it impossible to get to the charging port.
Also, the charging is pretty annoying. A lot of fiddling around needed to get them to finally start charging.
Also, the indication light sticks out of the crank arm to the inside. The clearance between the crank arm and the frame is minimal, so this might be a problem for some.
However, it goes as far as touching my chain in the smallest cog and big ring. Definitely not a perfect design.

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My pedals have just taken a firmware update from 1.4.6 to 1.4.9 and I was just wondering if anyone knew what has changed?

I’ve said it before but will repeat. I have had no problems with these pedals and great service when I’ve been in touch with SRM. The idle battery drain is annoying but on a full charge they do me for several rides. If they need a charge, so does my bike computer, lights, phone, headphones and so much other stuff it’s not really a big deal. I now have a charging station in the garage with a rat’s nest of USB cables. Ahhh…technology!

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Does your crank have crank boots? I helped a friend recently and the boot kept the charger from making contact. Had to either loosen pedal a few turns or permanently remover their crank boots.
How many hours of ride time in cold temps (around freezing)?

I also had to take to boots off an XO1 crank. Same issue of interference with the charger clips.

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Review from @GPLama

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Is anyone having any accuracy probs with the latest update released a few week ago?

Everything was smooth sailing until this update.

I’m contacting support, just checking if anyone have any solution already. My last interaction with them wasn’t the best.

Does anyone know if you’re supposed to use the “Zwiftable” mode with TR?

I have a new pair with new spindles and electronics and can not get the left pedal to connect to TR or my head unit. Super strange, any insight would be helpful.

SRM has just updated the X-Power. Quite happy to have sold mine recently, as they were super annoying.
Hopefully these are much better now!


Thanks for sharing!
How come did you end up selling your pairs? What didn’t you like?
Are you using a quarq on your Crux now or a PM9?

$1500?? :astonished: they had better be amazing.

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I never liked the feel of the cleats in the first place. These were my first ever SPD pedals, as I only used crankbrothers before, and man these are „floaty“.
Probably just how these pedals are, but it’s not for me.
From a technical POV, the just were a chore to use.

  • sometimes draining power quickly, sometimes not.
  • sometimes charging, sometimes not. Always annoying to get to charge
  • drop outs, going as far as not being to connect them a single time. Had that happened on a 200k ride at like 2k in, great fun.
  • the protruding indication light, that comes close to chain stays etc. Idk.

Yes. I am not using the 43/30 atm, so the Quarq on the 1x or 46/33 is the preferred choice.

That‘d be just too bling for gravel imo :joy: