4iiii dual-sided power meter for Shimano XTR

I am in the process of purchasing a used mountain bike. (Since I bought a new and rather expensive road bike and had to replace my trainer after the old one failed catastrophically, I did not want to push my luck and buy a new one. Besides, I probably would have to wait months for a new bike.)

The frame is from 2014, but it comes with a higher-end Fox fork from 2018 and an XTR M9000 11-speed drive train. Sweet. So I’m looking for power meter options. A matching XTR crank arm costs $400, but I could send in my crank and get a two-sided power meter installed for $500. What about the accuracy here? How long would that take (I live in Japan, so I hope I don’t have to have it shipped to the US first …) I don’t think this was covered by the usual suspects, @GPLama or @dcrainmaker, in their reviews. The cranks look symmetric to me, but given Shimano’s track record, I’d rather know rather than speculate.

Also, are there any other relatively affordable power meter options (besides Stages, obviously)? (This would be my second bike, and I don’t think it makes sense to spend close to the 2/3 price of a bike for a power meter.)

The new SRAM MTB power meter pedals are a good option too

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SRAM makes mountain bike power meter pedals now? (I think SRAM bought Time, right?) How much are they?

Edit: I checked SRAM’s website, and I couldn’t find any. Did you mean to type SRM rather than SRAM?

Does it need to be dual sided? Not sure what length you need but I think Pros Closet has a few left side ones. Not sure about shipping to Japan though.

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No, it is not the right one. I need the 175 mm version, which is even cheaper!! A pre-owned one costs just $200 plus shipping! Thanks, mate!

Yes, single-sided will do just fine. I have a Quarq power meter on my road bike which is dual sided. This is only my secondary bike, and I am on a bit of a budget.

Edit: Shipping only to US and Canada. Bummer. Thanks anyway. Looks like I should look for bargains rather than order directly from 4iiii. (Stages is out of stock.)

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I’m sorry I was thinking of the Garmin pedals

I’ve got a 4iiii and a Stages (both left only).
The Stages has been bullet proof on the MTB. Last I checked you still need to play with crank length to adjust scaling.
The 4iiii has better options for scaling in the app.

They both work well enough.

Good luck with finding something that’s available for a reasonable price. I had to spend weeks trawling various sites waiting for stock to come in.

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The Stages was out of stock (on Stages‘s website), and the 4iiii was more expensive than I thought. I bought a 4iiii Ultegra a few years ago and paid $300 for it. Now the factory install option is $300 for the single-sided power meter. But there is no rush, I can look for a deal and ride without power for a bit. Right now it is snowing, so I won‘t venture into the mountains and use my bike mostly for endurance rides with my daughter in tow and commutes.