SRM X-Pedal Power Meter, MTB SPD

SRM announced that they are working on mtb power meter pedals. I guess they want to beat IQ2 to market.


These could be great!

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I wince enough when I bash my relatively cheap XT SPDs against rocks, would be terrifying hearing these knocking into things!


I think they could start from scratch and still beat IQ2 to market the way they are going. Last update said the MTB version will be “a couple of months later” than the road version, which still has not seen the light of day for any backers.

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Nice picture but I’m dubious there’s any tech inside that pedal.
Any mtb pm pedal will need to be extremely robust and deal with rock strikes without giving a spike in power. I hope they’ve learned from their mistakes with the road pedal and it’s simple to setup.

I want to scream “TAKE MY MONEY!!!” but I have destroyed Candy pedals (reminds me, I need to send that pair in) with a rock strike.

I now need to go find my wallet. I think I saw it taking off to hide when my face lit up seeing this thread!


One could hope for a “crash replacement” option that might keep the costs down in the event of a problem.

No, there’s definitely no tech inside that pedal, definitely a mock-up.

I would love MTB power pedals, but as you said, there are a lot more variables than on a road pedal. I love my PowerTap P1s. If I could get an MTB power pedal, it’s likely that I would just keep one pair of pedals/shoes and use them for Road/Tri/MTB/CX. I think my CX race shoes are the most comfortable I have.

If anyone is going to do it right, I think Sram/Quarq will do it with the PowerTap acquisition.

SRM doesnt seem capable of getting road pedals right, so I have serious doubts they could deliver on an MTB power pedal.

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I love SRM
But their road pedal is a car crash and thats a much bigger market
They need to get that right first
Seems a weird strategy to then divert resources into a smaller segment before that

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This is SRM’s take on a smart bike. 5000 euros and you still need to lube the chain.



That bike is a metaphor for the last 10 yrs of SRM…time has moved on and they dont have the resources to play catch up
That bike is nothing less than a disgrace; and double the price of a Neo bike etc?


I don’t know how SRM can stay afloat in this day and age with their crazy expensive products.

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SRM is a dinosaur in the power meter world.

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Wow, that bike price is eye watering, and the bike itself is an eye sore. SRM seem to be heading in the same direction that Racemate / Computrainer did by not adapting soon enough or well enough to the changes (admittedly rapid in the last 3+ years).


The Computrainer analogy is perfect

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Their road pedal power meters don’t Exakt-ly inspire confidence, so I doubt their SPD power meters are going to be good either.

Price wise, this is close…if you have a gravel, mtb, and road bike, this could do triple duty, which works out to about $400 USD per bike.

If there are no power spikes, and accuracy is otherwise good, this could be an interesting option.

(provided they fixed the install issues with Exakt)

I think the most exciting part of this just that someone actually made a SPD power meter pedal that will be for sale and not vaporware. Like Powertap P1’s(not sure if they were the first, but you get my point) once someone did it, others joined in. We could be seeing more SPD ones out there in the next year which might not suck.

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