Power Meters for MTB

If you haven’t seen, we have a decent topic to review:


I also got this advice when looking for a PM. Went for it, quite cheap for what it does, and it’s been working flawlessly since.

Big thread, bit too much to read. Any crank / spider / bottom bracket options that do two sided (major injury to one leg, power very uneven) and can handle a 2x drivetrain?


Edit - I leave pedal based out of that because I ride with flats.

Power2Max has power meters for the 3 bolt cranks.

That’s something they started after AXS came around. The AXS cranks had 8-bolt vs the non-AXS. I have some XX1 cranks that were 3-bolt, just pre-AXS.

I do, yes. My problem tends to be more about form and pedal contact, I lift more with my left. I also may have leg length differences, which I have not looked into yet. I had imbalance of 44L/56R, which arose after surgery a number of years ago. I got that down to around 47L/53R right now, still working on it.

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Thanks, yup that was my first option (post 300), was just looking into other options…i still haven’t pulled the trigger on this mind you.

Just leaving this here, expensive though:

Thanks, that’s a bit ridiculous though. I could put together a set using the Duo Shi for less than half that.

Power2max NGeco with the L/R balance upgrade (I think it’s an extra $50 software upgrade?) might be a good option. Anything based out of the spider can’t really give you L/R balance because there aren’t separate strain measurements for the two sides. Instead, it’s estimated based on which pedal is in front and receiving downward force. However, with flat pedals that’s a pretty good data source.

What estimated L/R balance doesn’t give you (but I’m not entirely sure I get with my Favero Assiomas, either) is “interference”: for example when your left foot is on the downstroke, how much your right foot is resisting the left foot (reducing net power to the spider). No spider-based power meter can detect that, so if that’s your specific concern then your options are going to be separate L/R crank power meters.


I looked at P2M, have a 3 bolt SRAM crank as well. I opted for Sigeyi, half the price, works like a charm. Few minutes to fit. Moved away from the direct mount as well so it opened up a massive range of chainrings which were not an option previously. FItted a 36T oval now.

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Thanks @matthew.weigel . Any idea if those support 2x Shimano 11 Speed (XT / XTR)?

I had a look at their site and found it a bit overwhelming (not so good at the technical stuff!).

I am not entirely sure, and it at least partially depends on your bottom bracket. You might reach out to them about it? Sorry I don’t have a definitive answer.

The SRAM PM has a double configuration. You’d have to use an older SRAM crankset with a removable spider. SRAM has always used 3-bolt configurations for their cranks, pre-Quarq.

It would work the same as using a SRAM crank with Shimano 2x11. The shifting may not be as smooth, with a Shimano FD. IIRC, I forget exactly these days as I’ve used SRAM forever, but IIRC, you can use a SRAM FD. I forget the specifics, haven’t used a 2x MTB in years.

Edit: RaceFace (IIRC uses the SRAM interface) and Rotor PMs have a double option. But, I’d just rather do a full 1x conversion instead.

Ugh, that sucks.

I think your best bet are either pedal-based power meters or to use a Stages/4iiii power meter.

Sadly neither Stages or 4iii support 2x, at least for XT / XTR. I’ll contact P2M and see what they say.

I know flats can be potentially done with the Assioma Duo Shi, but I haven’t seen anyone post about a compatible pedal body yet.

Really? Why? The left crank arm should care how many chain rings are attached to the right one. Or are you talking about a dual-sided power meter?

Yes, my original post asked for dual sided options as a major injury to one of my legs has left me with extremely uneven power.

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Hijacking to ask for recommendations on what power meter would be compatible with my Trek Fuel EX 5: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/mountain-bikes/trail-mountain-bikes/fuel-ex/fuel-ex-5-deore/p/33073/

I have a preference for the least expensive option as long as it isn’t total crap.

Either Stages or 4iiii have an XT crank arm that should fit.

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Thanks. That’s what was tripping me up - my shimano crankset is called “MT”, but you’re saying an XT will be compatible with it? That is great.

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Yup because they both use the Hollowtech II set up. MT511 is just a more basic crank and probably weighs a bit more…XT is a higher range but should work no problem.