Power Meter for new bike

I am looking at cannonade topstone 2019 with a sram apex 1. I would like to get a power meter for this bike. Sram Apex alloy cranks, sram gpu bottom bracket. Any ideas

Assioma Uno or Duo depending on budget and requirements. Would not buy any other PM for road or gravel.

Me too. I’ve been studying my options at the moment. If I lived in the states I’d buy for sure assioma Duo (about 200 dollars less than in Europe).

Thanks for all the replies. That is probably the best solution. I wanted to use spd mountain bike shoes, but I saw gpllama did a video on switching to spd on these pedals. I will go find this video again.

I wouldn’t use road pedals on a bike like that if you’re intending on using it off road.

I do intend to use it off-road and spring riding (canada). I don’t really want to use road pedal. I’ll keep checking into ideas.