SRAM Eagle trigger "feeling"

I’m waiting for my first mountain bike equipped with Sram Eagle. It features full Sram X0 Eagle but GX cassette and trigger.

Many bikers are upgrading the trigger from GX to X0 or XX1 not due to weight saving reasons but looking for a better “shifting feeling”.

Having in mind that a X0 trigger costs 3x as a GX one… Do you think it’s a justified upgrade?


I have a GX shifter, Derailleur and have zero complaints, very positive engagement. I have ridden bikes with XX1 and just a very small difference in the way they feel and dang sure not worth the price difference to me… but then again I’m not a fan boy that will go out and piss money way because its the cool thing to do, heck I like Shimano XT also…


There is a pretty detailed comparison video from BikeRumor that highlights most of the differences in each component through the levels of Eagle. For the shifters, it appears that most of the differences are in external finishes/features not the internal mechanism.

Video is here: SRAM Eagle Comparison - How NX, GX, X01 & XX1 components differ


The answer to your problem, grip shift XX1 :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I have the take off XX1 trigger I’m not using. Brand new, has it swapped out before I even picked up the bike. I also have a GX trigger take off, also brand new swapped before I picked up the bike. I’ll do 100 shipped for the XX1 or 25 shipped for GX.

I have a GX shifter and have no complaints. It works well and has a pretty good feel to it. Your opinion may be different based on what system you are coming from. This is my first SRAM drivetrain and the feel of the shift took a lot of getting used to for me. I’ve run all XT stuff for years and there is a distinct difference in the feel and “swing” of the SRAM shifter. Try it out for a few rides and see what you think, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I still have XT on one bike and GX on another and if I switch bikes in one day I’ll notice the difference, but If I ride one then the other another day it doesn’t bother me at all.

It’s a done deal… If you’re willing to ship it to Madrid!


Thanks all for your kind replies! I think I’ll keep the GX and save the money towards a custom set of wheels.

This community is amazing!

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