SRAM Launches Updated Eagle Ecosystem! - 520% Range & New Colors

Sram just announced an update to their eagle drivetrains with new 10-52 cassettes for GX and above, new derailleurs to handle the extra range, GX got a carbon crank option, and new colorways.

Must have been killing them that Shimano’s 12-speed went to 51 teeth so they had to do something about it. I don’t like that they decided to just swap the 50 tooth cog for the 52 so now there’s a giant 10 tooth jump from 42 to 52. Pretty cool that they brought carbon cranks down to GX, though I didn’t see a price listed. The new colors look pretty cool too for those that want the top level drivetrain but weren’t a fan of the gold or oil slick colors.


I’m holding out for Shimano’s 10-55.

It’ll come out after SRAM introduces their 10-54, in response to Shimano’s 10-53 (which would be in response to SRAM’s latest 10-52).


I’m not so sure about that 42 to 52 jump. I can see how it would help me in not needing to size down the chainring but… I’d have liked to seen an adjustment across the cassette to close that gap down or at least keep it to 8t.


I agree @itsdave. It would be good to see the whole cassette range increase in size - otherwise, the 1st gear becomes redundant to anyone who uses the rest of the cassette range with an appropriately matched front sprocket for their riding style/fitness.

1 Like Pinkbike’s look. It’s a little silly that you have to get a new derailleur to use a 2 tooth bigger cog…


Good news is that I now can keep my Quarq PM when doing MTB 100s that actually would be better off with a 28t or 30t front chainring (Leadville, MG :100:). Before I would have to choose between being under geared and having a PM or having the proper gears but no PM (Quarq’s smallest chainring is 32). So the 52t in the back solves that problem.

However, I wish SRAM would make that last gear a separate piece that could be swapped out similar to Shimano. For my XC races I don’t need a 50 or 52. I’d much prefer a 46. So if I could swap the dinner plate per the event, that would be perfect. I’ll buy the 520% cassette (already have AXS derailleur) because I need a new chain and cassette, but I don’t think I’ll use the 52 for 99.5% of what I ride.


520% Meh😒. 600%! 600% is where it’s at.

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One reason I’m looking at Shimano’s 12-speed for when I upgrade my bike. The 10-45 is more than enough for the riding I do and then gives you the option to move up to a 10-51 for trips to steeper areas or maybe longer races.



Well played, sir… well played.
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Sram launches 790% range with new 76t, 14 speed drivetrain.

Alongside it, they are pleased to announced that their new GX cranks come standard with a 52T ring up front.

Shimano is still on 12 speed and is rumored to be releasing a new version of XTR Di2 in 2035


For the all Sram fans out there this is a good thing. Retailers may finally be allowed to markdown the “outdated” 10-50 groupsets!

I think it is funny that they call it an “ecosystem”.

I’m surprised. Was the previous 500% cassette limiting anybody? :thinking: I can’t remember ever running out of gears on a climb. I run out of traction before I get to that point.

I run a 32 in front…with a 10-50 I think I can climb up a wall if I needed to.


It kind reminds of …”it goes to eleven”…a la This is Spinaltap… I’m in MN, still running the woefully outdated 11x46 on my MTB. Not sure I need the 52 for the riding I seem to do so far. Now, get me where there is some real elevation and I’d be all over it…

When you’re pushing 400w on a 32x50 in hour 8 of a MTB 100, gearing is absolutely your enemy. So though limited, there is some benefit. Also, I suppose if you run a bigger chainring (34, 36) you have higher top speed while still having a bailout gear. Again, 1% use case, but when you need it, it’s there.

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Only eBikes are relevant and front derailleurs re-emerge. :upside_down_face:

Would be amazing if someone would event a mechanism where you could have the best of both worlds; both a big chainring and a smaller chainring that would allow a wide range of gearing for all circumstances :thinking:.


Knock it off with the crazy talk. :stuck_out_tongue:

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