Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit, NOW AVAILABLE!

Finally, Sram AXS is now available in part, as an upgrade kit or as the full drivetrain. Ordered and waiting “patiently” for it’s arrival!

Those that have Eagle AXS how are they liking it?

Install looks pretty straight forward, any tips or tricks from those that installed the derailleur to get it shifting perfectly?

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Sweet. @Jonathan you got a hot take? I heard your comments on the shifter ergonomics and lack of a “click” on the MTB Podcast and I’m thinking of waiting until V2 to upgrade.

I have had XX1 AXS since April. I agree with Jonathan that it is the best shifting that I have ever had on a MTB- quick, reliable, always perfect. I don’t agree with the ergo concerns. When I first got it I would have agreed that is was slightly awkward. However, after playing around with the placing of the shifter I have it set up where it feels perfectly natural and I don’t even need to think about shifting. The click could be a little more pronounced but I have never mis-shifted because of it. Depending on how you like your lever placed your mileage may vary. I don’t see it as a reason to wait. The only thing that would really change is the paddle itself. It wouldn’t surprise me if replacement paddles in different shapes start being offered by SRAM and others in the future. Again, I think that the shifting is so good that I wouldn’t wait because of the shifter.

Install and setup was super easy. Total install time including installing a new chain was well under an hour. Adjusting the derailleur was under 10 minutes and I haven’t touched it since. Battery life seems way longer than SRAM suggests.

Eagle AXS is amazing, glad it wasn’t over hyped! Went on a 3 hour wet, sandy and dirty MTB ride today and it performed flawlessly. I’m already convinced I can never go back to mechanical. Not to mention the ease of setup.

Loving the trigger button, I use that almost exclusively to up shift (harder gear), find it easier/quicker than the toggle up. Also couldn’t be happier with the long hold to go multiple shifts. In MI the trails are so punchy that I regularly have to grab or drop 4+ gears and AXS does so with no problem, even under tension.

Bonus feature is having which gear I’m in as a visual representation on my Wahoo Bolt. Then post ride it gives me gear analysis, apparently I favor 32 x 28. I may set up my trainer the same way if that’s a consistent theme for my MTB rides.

As long as AXS performs this well long term, I’m sold on this product.


Hey @MI-XC ,

Just checking back in to see if you still loved AXS through the rest of the season. Thinking about upgrading my Scott 900 Spark this winter.

Anybody else have mtb AXS Eagle feedback?


It’s absolutely amazing, I will never have cable shifting again. The shifting is flawless all the time and no matter the conditions. The actual shifter/controller can take some getting used to, but once you get it dialed it quickly becomes second nature.


Crap. There goes my excuse to avoid that 6 Star Spot build :smiley_cat:


The new rocker paddle is also here.


How are people finding this? After 3 years I think my Spark’s cables need replacing so of course I’m considering GX AXS instead :smiley:


Thanks, I know how to find it - it was more a " how are you finding the use of it" question.

I’ve had my X01 AXS for a few hundred miles (GX should be the same). It’s a slick setup having just brake hoses not he bike, I like the little zip zip sounds. Shifting is consistent, but consistently not as smooth as my Shimano road. That being said, I would never go back to mechanical especially on an MTB where the cable housings become a home for dirt, water, and crappy shifting. Ive used both the original rocker paddle and the new one, and like both, not sure which I prefer but using the newer version at this time. I’ve had a few things bounce off the derailleur, and landed on the drive side during a fall, bent the hanger but the derailleur was perfect. If Shimano had Di2 XT/XTR I would have gone that way, as the wireless is really not a selling point for me. I think down the road when I wear out the hardware, I will pair the AXS to an XT/XTR cassette/chain/ring for the best of both worlds.

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I like it a lot, more because it is one less cable to fish through the frame and replace 2x a year. I just swapped back to the original paddle as the new rocker paddle didn’t work in any position I put it in. Just didn’t like it at all.

It’s been amazing and I’ll never go back to mechanical. Due to racing (many washouts and crashes landing drive side) going on MTB vacations to CO, UT and Scotland, at some point I bent the parallelogram of the AXS derailleur. The scratches on it were numerous. It caused a few gears to not shift perfect. So after months of trouble shooting I recently had to replace it.

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Any photos of the battle worn one?

Not home currently, but I can post them when I am. If I forget (old and too many concussions) remind me, lol.

Word on the street is that SRAM is dropping 10-44t Eagle-light AXS for gravel and XC soon.

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Wonder how much weight it’s going to save over Eagle to justify its place in the lineup. I think it’s more about having more products to sell than filling a gap that actually needs filling

XX1 AXS rd is 350
Red AXS rd is 223

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I think it is very worthwhile for gravel at the least. the 10-50 & 10-52 are overkill for lots of riders, and having a tighter span on steps would be preferred when a common 1x gravel is running a 40t or 42t, that 10-44 gives you a decent “under-gear” while keeping top end good, and cutting % steps between shifts to something more akin to roadie ratios.

Seems like a win for that at the very least. Not sure it will have the same draw for MTB XC, and I don’t think it even needs it. With the push towards and expansion of gravel, SRAM has a giant gulf between even the WIDE AXS road stuff and the super side MTB AXS. This seems to be aimed at filling that and from minimal info, I think it can do that well.