Sram just launched today its new low cost electronic wireless groupset for MTB, SRAM GX EAGLE AXS.

They say there is very little diffrence in shifting in comparison with the XX1 AXS, let’s see because price difference is more than 1000$.


yeah, I’m looking at that too. I do use XX1, cable, and had GX on another bike. The construction of the derailleur didn’t seem as good, with the cage being a bit more flexy and shifts weren’t as snappy. Other than that, it was OK. Definitely much cheaper than a super expensive derailleur hanging out waiting for something to bend it.

Could be the thing to get me off a Shimano drive train.

Game changer. Shimano falling further behind

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In terms of electronic shifting, absolutely. In terms of actual performance, I’ll be nice and say it’s personal preference.


As good as electronic shifting systems have become, the “actual performance” is taking a back seat when comparing groupsets in my opinion - it’s just either “electronic” or “mechanical,” not “good electronic” vs “bad electronic.” There are tons of personal preferences, but in general all the electronic systems are just Excellent. The price point becomes the new way to innovate, which is where SRAM is doing a much better job than Shimano


And having both, I will say that my Shimano Di2 shifts faster, smoother, and quieter than my AXS under every possible circumstance. SRAM is making very attractive and innovative products, Shimano makes very well functioning ones

AXS is still very good IMO but simply offering a cheaper option isn’t enough to be leaving anyone behind


What is shimano’s 12 speed electronic mtb (or road for that matter) offering again?

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12sp isn’t the biggest kid on the block for a while, but I know better than to imply more = better


12-speed is the only kid on the block in the MTB world.


Incredibly impressed with the bottom of the range 12 speed fitted to my newish Grand Canyon. I really struggle to find fault with it.

That’s just about perfectly said.


That’s fair, and in terms of electronic groups obviously SRAM in leading there. What I’ve seen is that SRAM is typically first, then Shimano follows suit (admittedly sometimes very late) but with better ergonomics and performance. Allow room for personal preference as it’s clear the forum here typically trends to SRAM v. Shimano. Enough of my opinion, it’s a good time to be a MTB if you can find parts. You have entry level group sets (Looking at Deore) that eclipse the performance of the high end groups from just a few years ago.


I DO like the battery cover though would prefer one for the Reverb AXS which is in direct firing line of the back wheel over, well anything.

Meh. I prefer the GX cable setup on my E29 over the XTR setup on my XC bike. But the bike came with a full XTR group (including hubs) and It would be a MASSIVE waste of money to buy XX1 to replace it vs the very small personal preference for it.

I did upgrade the GX derailleur with an X01 after bending the hanger and noticing the GX was looking a little beat up. After swapping I didn’t see an improvement, the damn beat to hell GX was just fine. Oh well, dropped a few grams from my nearly 40 pound bike :rofl:


If I didn’t smash derailers all the time this would be a fun upgrade. It won’t make me faster but it’s cool

Doddy on GMBN tech hinted pretty strongly at a wireless Shimano groupset in the pipeline.

Maybe someone already said this, but price difference is only $200-$400 (this is just derailleur and shifter for $600. X01 upgrade kit is $800 online right now, X01/XX1 are normally $1000 retail).

That’s actually a good reason to get AXS. Way more durable than a standard derailleur because of the way it moves inboard when struck from the side in a crash.