Etap mtb, worth waiting for?

Via instagram it looks like the entire Scott Sram team is running etap mtb. I’ve been running 11-speed and plan to upgrade my drivetrain to Eagle this season. My B race is in April and don’t feel like the range is too important for that race. My A race is in July and I feel like the range of 12-speed will be very nice for that race. Does anyone think etap mtb is coming out before July? Is it going to be worth the wait and expense?

I mean, sounds to me like you really want eTap whenever it comes out. Been using Eagle for a while. It’s great. You can get gx eagle for ridiculously cheap right now. Worried about the weight then get xo cassette for race day. I’d just buy the Eagle, use it, then sell it whenever it comes out and use the money from that to help fund the eTap.

Funny you mention that, I was just yesterday listening to the most recent JRA Podcast and they made a comment which said that Nino was testing etap, liked it so much, essentially refused to take it off, and suddenly the market expected SRAM to be releasing this soon.

I don’t know how much truth there is behind that, and if they are close to release or not.

If it comes out you’ll see/hear something about it at Sea Otter. But, I wouldn’t hold your breath. There is nothing wrong with mech Eagle. Shifts super smooth.

I’ll definitely be buying it as soon as it comes out. Fewer cables = MORE AERO :rofl:

No seriously though, it looks dope and I would wait.

If the release of E-Tap Eagle is this year (which indications seem to suggest it may) then it will be released at Sea Otter in April. Typically it will take a little while for units to start shipping, so depending on production and demand, you may or may not be able to get a group in time for your A race.

As for if it is worth the wait, that really depends on the value you see in the E-Tap system.

Easy installation
Shift precision
Potentially less maintance

Need to charge batteries
Likely increased weight

As for for my 2 cents, I’ve had Mechanical Eagle groups on 5 of my bikes and they have been nothing but exceptional in all cases. At the end of the day, I always like to ask myself “will this make me faster”, and in this case, I don’t think you’ll see any race performance gains with the E-Tap version vs. the Mechanical Version.


Do you think that weight would be higher? I was thinking that weight would probably be the same or lower, given you won’t need cable and housing. They can probably make the shifter roughly the same weight, and would have to compensate for the battery and actuator weight on the mech, but it probably works out to be roughly even.

Cool. My plan is to train all season on 11-speed and take advantage of the cheap chains. Then I’ll hopefully buy a lightly used Eagle from an early adopter like @stevemz If I have to buy new, so be it. Thanks guys

Road related, but should give a idea about weights


This may depend. I found in my MTB 100 (10,000 ft elevation gain) that I actually had thumb fatigue from constantly shifting for 9+ hours. At the end it was an effort to shift… well, everything was an effort at that point. Anyway, may be some performance gains when doing ultra and epic MTB events.

I’d also add the ability to do multiple upshifts by just holding down the button or customization of the buttons could also add some marginal gain.

I run Eagle on my mtb and have Etap on my road bike. Honestly I kind of miss the mechanical on my road bike sometimes. It’s nice to have don’t get me wrong. I run XO eagle on my mtb and it performs flawless. Like Nate said i always ask myself will it improve my races, for me it’s a No so I will keep running my mechanical Eagle for the foreseeable future. But if you have the cash to spend, why not🤷‍♂️. You only live once!!


I must have gotten a lemon because my XX1 Eagle has never been flawless and I’m not super impressed.

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I use the word “flawless” when it reacts how i expect it to. Also depends on your expectations as well. As cables get used and stretched it will show no matter how nice your components are.


If you’re interested in it then wait, period. Don’t waste money on a groupset only to sell it shortly after buying it. I will probably get it for the lower maintenance as it is one less cable going through the frame on my Scott Spark. With rear suspension lockout, rear brake, and dropper post all going into the frame I’d like to reduce the number of cables I’m having to mess with. Especially since my wife has the same bike.

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Hmm that is a good point, the weights may not necessarily be higher. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

That’s interesting too, I hadn’t really considered the impact of fatigue to your thumb after such a long day on the bike. It is certainly a niche product, and will have some big fans I’m sure.

I’ve noticed that the Eagle derailleurs are pretty sensitive to B-Limit adjustment. This can be a big issue and SRAM has even made a tool to make it it easier to set the B-Limit just right. Presumably this issue is due to the massive range, so the E-Tap versions may experience similar behavior. But who knows, maybe SRAM has a trick up their sleeve :wink:

I’m loving this thread, it’s interesting to hear all the different perspectives on a potentially revolutionary product :ok_hand:

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I had to shift my RD (right side) with my left hand on the last 10 miles of the Dakota Five-O one year (2010 on a 3x9 system).

My right thumb refused to work after making so many shifts and I couldn’t push the paddle for the downshifts. It was crazy and the only time I have ever had it happen, but I could see an issue on the long stuff. But I could see an E-setup preventing that limited problem from ever happening.


Not SRAM obviously, but the biggest benefits I get from electronic mtb shifting is the SynchroShift and the reliability of shifting in horrendous conditions. Seeing as SRAM is (I assume) going to be 1X then the only thing you are getting is a reliable shift (and possibly the lack of thumb fatigue)

Hopefully @Jonathan drops by this thread given his expertise but a few things to consider.

Rumors of Eagle eTap have been circulating since last spring but it’s commercial release has been delayed. There are reports of issues with chains getting damaged with shifting under load and Nino had a number of mechanical issues last year. However the fact he continued to run it says something.

I also wonder if SRAM has something else up their sleeve for the Eagle eTap release. Shimano announced their 10-51 cassette, so does SRAM try and do a 52 tooth cassette to coincide with Eagle eTap release and try and one up Shimano? I could see this happening and it would be additional incentive to get people to “upgrade”.

I’m in the middle of rebuilding a HT that I plan to use for some endurance events this year including Leadville. I have last gen 2x11 XTR on it and want the new build to be 1x, so was thinking Eagle or Eagle eTap so I can keep my XTR crank (which has a Stages on it). I really like the new 12 speed XTR but the new chain rings are not compatible with old XTR cranks. Without the new chain rings there are issues with Shimano’s new 12 speed chain. If third parties come out with chain rings that are compatible with the new Shimano 12 speed chain, then that would be another option. I’m going to wait a little longer for an Eagle eTap announcement, but if it doesn’t come soon it will likely be mechanical Eagle for me instead.

I think 12-speed XTR has a new hub standard as well so another cost consideration.