SRAM Buys Time Pedals Business


I used to buy nothing but time atac pedals years ago, but had to give up on them as they started going downhill.

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I have some of the original ones from the mid 90’s, and a couple of the pairs prior to their reorganization a few years ago. They are all great, but I heard the latest ones were not as good.

Really interesting to see this development and consider the recent admission that SRAM was dropping the current PowerTap pedals and hubs. Not sure if anything is connected, but seems possible.

What advantages do they have, if any, over the likes of Shimano SPD-SL or the various LOOK style out there

MTB and Gravel. 2-bolt cleats that don’t need to conflict with Shimano’s patents. It wouldn’t work for me though, as I’m heavily into Shimano compatible pedals/cleats.

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I didn’t hear of this, it’s interesting. I wonder what’s going to happen here, is the tech and employees moving under the SRAM banner and it’s just killing the name? I’d assume they keep any patents and tech.

I do have a C1, which bugged me when that got killed. It’s having some quirks now (with BT) so I may need to get something else or keep my Assioma’s on the trainer.

Are their MTB cleats and/or pedals better than Shimano?

I don’t know. I’ve not used it. Some friends swear by it. I use Shimano, and now Xpedo, but really do prefer Shimano pedals for cleats. But, on bikes with spider power meters, I use Shimano.

That doesn’t mean much as some friends swear by Crank Brothers Candy pedals and those seem to break down all the time.

Yea many prefer the 4way in out of crank brothers and deal with the inferior bearing arrangement. I have friends who have gone through half a dozen pair in the time it take me to wear down a single pair of shimano spds. But they keep going back because they like the feel. I can understand that

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They have stated that they are keeping the brand and tech alive…but the fact that they killed the existing product line w/o new products seems curious.

The obvious inference is that SRAM wants to introduce a power-based pedal system, but no everything they do is re: component companies is about power meters. Sometimes they just acquire companies that have a good rep but are available (Rock Shox, Zipp, Avid, etc)

If they bought Time pedals with the hope of developing a power-based pedal, they may have made a mistake. See Wahoo and Speedplay as an example. Now SRAM has a helluva lot more experience running a component company than Wahoo, so that is a good thing.

As for advantages of Time vs. Shimano, back in the 90’s they were clearly superior to Shimano in the mud, etc. But once the redesigned SPD came out, they lost much of that advantage…and Crank Brothers offered similar benefits. I rode ATAC’s for awhile, but eventually tired of the feeling that my foot was “sliding off” the pedal (a common complaint of ATAC pedals). I haven’t heard of Time having any great market presence in quite awhile.

Will be interesting to follow…first to the market with a reasonably priced power-based MTB platform will have a massive * market advantage.


Something about an MTB power pedal worries me, pedal strikes and such. Not only is it pricy on its own but also only works with XX1 carbon cranks IIRC (which are also expensive and not something I want to bash on rocks)

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I’ve had one pair of ATACs about 15 years ago and went back to SPD.

They’re okay. Definitely not going to upend the market even with SRAM’s influence.

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I actually was the “tip” in DCR’s article and I just found the one from CT today:


Realized I left my though incomplete here…as noted, if they bought the pedal business in the hopes of developing a power-pedal, that may be challenging. If, OTOH, Time had already developed a good amount of a power-pedal but lacked the resources to finish it off, then it is a different story. If that is the case, it could be a great purchase.

ETA - wait…duh. They already HAVE a pedal-based power system that they just discontinued. So do they move that tech over to Time pedals? If not, then this purchase makes even less sense to me.

But if they just plan to move it over, I’m not certain what they get from it. Time pedals have very limited road presence right now, so you’d have to either adopt a 3-bolt system for Time (which destroys the whole uniqueness of the brand) or you have to get people to adopt a whole new pedal-platform.


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Maybe they were just tired of seeing so many shimano pedals on their pro bikes

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:scream: Deep Throat uncovered!

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking they would do. But, that they discontinued the PowerTap pedals, without a product launch of Time power pedals, is intriguing as well. :man_shrugging:

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PowerTab is basically dead now.
My guess is they they moved all personal assets to other power meter companies…like quarq (replacing the C1 - which i also own) and probably making a time power meter on time pedals…
who knows!

Hopefully their power pedals have more success than LOOK. Then again with the rumors churning about those Assioma Spindles, if those pan out they will change the marketplace

Not in the loop with this rumors…
is it that Assioma will sell the spindle so it can be put on mostly any pedal ?