SRAM AXS shifting issue

I’ve been having issue with my Force rear derailleur for a few weeks now
It seems to have developed the annoying habit of burning through batteries super quickly (<1 ride) and then bricking the battery. Contacted SRAM who advised me to try to jump start the batteries (power cycling the charger). This worked to revive a few of them (I’ve been through about 5 batteries as I assumed it was battery issue initially). I then reinstalled the firmware.
I’ve just now noticed that when shifting up the cassette the derailleur flashes green then red if I ask for it to shift up the cassette 2 cogs (i.e. 2 gears easier) and only allows 1 cog shift. No issues going down the cassette, green flash then shift with 2 cogs harder

Has anyone experienced anything similar? The derailleur is less than 6 months old so should be warranty-able if it’s defective but want to check I haven’t missed anything obvious

Not specifically that but:

My new Force AXS D2 RD was experiencing some very strange (bad) shifting behavior, as well as burning through the battery in appx 10hrs of ride time. Quick trip to the LBS and Sram had replacements on the way in 2 days. Their warranty process is very easy (but you do have to go through the LBS). I vote to just do that and not worry about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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