SRAM Red AXS failure

I have been quite pleased with the SRAM Red AXS on both of my road bikes and Red-XX1 combo on my gravel bike. Well… until today :frowning:
I was about to go for a ride, but the rear derailleur wouldn’t shift. I first thought that perhaps the battery is flat, so I took the one from front derailleur (that was working fine), but it still wasn’t working.
I then tried connecting with my iphone (XS) AXS app, but only the green light came on and then nothing.
Pressing the button had no effect, except when reconnecting the battery while button pressed, which resulted in re-installing the firmware 2.7.3 (already up to date prior to this). Repeated this a couple of times and removed the derailleur from the bike in the app, restarted the app, kept the battery off for a few mins etc etc. Nothng nada :-((
So it looks that my happines of SRAM AXS has gotten a dent. SRAM support pages are utterly useless and I was unable to find anything similar after some googling.
The only good this was that I coudl still go for a ride with another bike on which the AXS was working normally…

I’ve never had this with Etap but I’ve had issues with Di2 dying after a firmware update.

I would try this:
#1 remove both batteries, charge them fully, then reinstall them.
#2 delete the app from your phone and reinstall
#3 re-sync the app with the groupset.
#4 re-install all firmware (overwriting existing).

If all that doesn’t work, I’d be taking it to a dealer.

Hopefully someone with more SRAM knowledge can chime in!

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Haven’t had this specific issue on my eTap but I’ve never had an issue with warranty by SRAM. Always quick responses from SRAM so far through my local shop.

This happened with my old 11 speed etap. Take your bike to a dealer and they will call SRAM service and it will be replaced.

bought a bike with AXS force a while back and the left shifter killed a battery within 2 weeks. Installed a new battery and it worked again, but it would no longer communicate with the app and I was worried it was going to die completely or at least keep eating batteries. I called SRAM directly and they were incredibly helpful, overnighting a replacement shifter to my local shop since I was about to travel for a race. I swapped the shifter out and all good since then. From most accounts, the SRAM electronic stuff has been pretty reliable. Stuff breaks or sometimes you get a bad one, so good support is key. Call SRAM or work it through your LBS, SRAM will fix you up.

I had this with etap Red and had to get the rear derailleur replaced under warranty. . I thought it was just me and tried internet searches for the cure but of course to no avail.

Thanks for your advice. The RD is on its way to SRAM through LBS.
Fingers crossed…